A Little Introduction

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Ren / Ravio / Joker ✧*。 LV 31 Lorulian Hero ✧*。 Love my little owl!

I like cosplaying with my partner and friends I've made on here! I have some other characters I cosplay besides Ravio such as Joker/Jakob of Fire Emblem Fates. gaia_bunny

Kamui and I have an ongoing Kid Icarus x LoZ AU so I have been trying to work on some RP inspired looks once I get the funds to do so!
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✧* Favorite series:
Mostly Nintendo series
Klonoa heart
The Legend of Zelda heart
Fire Emblem
Super Mario Bros
Xenoblade Chronicles (only played the first)
Animal Crossing
Kid Icarus
Persona 5
Final Fantasy VII

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I don't log on much due to illness reasons.
However, don't be afraid to say hi. gaia_bunny
I'd love to meet some Zelda fans and other cool people!

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Special Things

♡ ~ 12 / 07 / 21 ~ S+ Support Reached ♡

♡ ~ 11 / 09 / 22 ~ Rest in Peace to my beautiful loppies, Link and Ravio. Rest well, little ones. We'll meet again on the other side someday. ♡

Credits to Lady Saxophone for this amazing profile! emotion_kirakira
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Art Gifts!
Lovely JoKamu art with my precious lop rabbits! A special gift from Kamui heart
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Adorable JoKamu art that was gifted to me for my birthday from Kamui heart
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