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Hi all! I joined Gaia a few years back but due to busy life style I had to leave shortly but I am glad to be back. Nice to meet y'all, if you'd like to chat or something, you can always drop me a note. : D (Sometimes I may take awhile to reply to you so please bear with me XD;; )

I enjoy drawing a lot, it's a thing I do since young, it's a passion I'll never give up. I like photography, music, movies (oh, I love horror/thriller/paranormal stuff!! XD) TV shows, gaming (The Sims 2, puzzle games, WoW... etc), swimming, crafting (I make plushies, bags, cozy.. etc XD ) and traveling. Actually I have a lot of things that I like to do, but these are pretty much the core things I do. 8D

Recently, I discovered a new hobby for me! I love collecting fun looking hair bands and hats. XD <3

Well, that's quite a lot of info about me I think... See you all around and have fun! 8D Oh btw, if it shows that I'm online on my profile for the whole day, I'm mostly just parking while I do my work or stuff. I keep Gaia's page up in my browser.

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