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What ya see is what I got on


Ravens life

My life... well lets just go with what's up. My parents were both weres so I'm a full blooded were.I got one sister who is seven years older then me and one step sister and step brother who are both younger them me(but not by far).
How about pets...Well I got four wolves. There is Shadow and Frost which are brothers and then Crystal and Misty which I got Crystal and then Misty was given to me from a friend.
As for work... well here I work at two clubs, Twilight and the United Nations. Bartending in both of them. Off line I work at a rehab center for the elderly.
A speical some one...yes. I am seeing a wonderful guy named Chris. Started dating in December of 07. He's also one of my coworkes at both clubs.
Hobbies and what not's...way to many hobbies to even think on putting them all down. As for what nots... there is still quiet a few so people will just have to ask about them.


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Raven's Journal

My journal is a black hardcover book that has lined paper and a lock that has a code combo. About myself...well let's not. What do I plan to write about? well many things. Some private and some for those who want to read them.

Got something to say...spit it out.

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zander-strife666 Report | 03/02/2008 8:52 pm
Death_by_Caramel Report | 02/26/2008 3:18 am
Hello sweetheart, just wanted to drop by and send you some love and see if you were ok. I'm thinking about you and I miss you...Love you Honey... User Image
Death_by_Caramel Report | 02/14/2008 4:48 pm
Happy Valentines Day to you too my love *leaves you a rose* I am sure you'll have a good Valentines day Love you loads -C-
Wolf Angel Hell Report | 02/14/2008 7:23 am
well I hope it works for you User Image and great that you got an appartment User Image are you living with your step-sister now? is she nice?

and the rest of the comment got a little strange in sentences, is that right? I cant really make much out of the middle part O_o

anyways, I write the sad bad sort of poems xD they sometimes represent how I felt when I wrote them, but ussually other people cant see what I see when I read them, I keep most of them private but I post a few just so see what people think

And no I havent read them, are they good? what types of books do you read? I read mostly horror and fiction, i never get enough of it xD

and Ill let you go now too User Image have fun

and btw happy valentines day (I dont like it but I really hope urs is great User Image)

and another P.S. Im going on vacation tomorrow so I wont reply for a week or so =( ah well, have fun! and Ill talk to you later User Image
Death_by_Caramel Report | 02/12/2008 8:27 am
Wanted to reply to your comment of course and also pass by with a Valentines day Kiss, I know I'm early but that means you just get more User Image Look forward to seeing you sweetheart * I leave a bunch of red roses and a single white rose on a table for you and a card with -C- on it, also a little box with a silver necklace in, I smile and dash off again*
Wolf Angel Hell Report | 02/09/2008 4:05 am
yea it takes me away from harsh reality xD plus half my social life consists out of gaia User Image Hehe xD and yea I hate that my dad is like that, but now I just try to avoid fights as much as possible cause its never good enough for him anyway xD and too bad you couldnt get along with her fiance, any idea where you are gonna live now?

Really? cool ^.^ I write poetry too but im really bad User Image what sor t of poems/novels do you write? and if you got published then you must be quite good User Image nice xD

Im a book worm as well xD I read more then is healthy O_o the only things stopping me from reading all the time is guitar and computer, and I always run out of books too soon xD

Ok, I havent heard it before but it sounds nice ^.^ Ill let you go now then User Image
Wolf Angel Hell Report | 02/04/2008 7:45 am
xD hehe indeed xD a place where I can change things if I want to and where nobody knows what im like so I can be myself xD

Yea my dad is like that too...... his way, his time, but Im the one who has to do it..... and when I dont.... well then I hve to be careful xD

really that sucsk....why did that had to make you leave the appartment? did you live together with your best friend?

Ok, sometimes I just feel like I ask way to much questions that I shouldnt be asking O_o just warn me if I do that ok? xD

really what do you write and read? I dont have to do anything in english class cause the book wont teach me anything new xD I can just read books in the lesson xD

and thank you ^.^ and let me go? whats that supposed to mean? and good luck!
Wolf Angel Hell Report | 02/02/2008 6:47 am
yea lets hope so xD I hope the year will end quickly xD well its not really alot but most of it takes alot of time, and on top of that I spend most of my time on gaia, my guitar or in a book xD which doesnt really help my schoolwork xD

and how come your stepdad is so annoying? and why do you have to find a new apartment? (lots of questions O_o sorry)

and no im not good at the guitar xD ive been playing quite a while and im still learning the basic stuff xD ah well Ill get there once and if I dont.... well Ill just keep trying untill then xD do you play any instrument?
Wolf Angel Hell Report | 02/01/2008 4:46 am
Well it isnt going good lets just hope it wont get worse xD I hope yours gets even better =) Im busy allright xD but thats more because I have practices 3 times in a week, plus school plus guitar xD Ive been pretty tired because of all of that lately xD and how are you doing?
Death_by_Caramel Report | 01/27/2008 1:57 pm
Passing in with some love for you sweetheart User Image


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I love the snow!