The Character:

Raven Dhion was born to Lucifer (Elric's son with Tanoch) and Angela. Angela died giving birth and Lucifer was stuck with no idea how to raise a daughter so he passed her onto his father, Elric, who raised the girl. Raven learned how to be a lady but also how to fight. When a war broke out in Melnibone, the enemy killed everyone, including her grandfather. She survived only to take on her grandfather’s destiny in wandering the worlds. Doing this led to her vampirisim. Now being half vampire and half melnibonean (as well as a trace of draconic blood), the royal heiress despised what she was, growing a colder exterior.

It managed to shift a little when she met the human boy Joe Skase. Eventually she fell in love with him and stayed by his side despite his unfaithful ways. With that, they produced Alexis, their first daughter.


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Eek big love! I got booted from the server and upon consideration decided to pass out since it's 4 am here XD
Raven Skase

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Raven Skase

Er no? o.o
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The Pathetic

Hey do you noe raven alxie?


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