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Gender: Female

Location: Clarksburg West Virginia

Occupation: Music Education Major

Manic Attack!

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Vampire Heart

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The Coven Book of the Darkness

These are the words of darkness that come from the Eldest Vampire. These words are spoken to me, through him, and are written down only them my me.

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Words of the Damned

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Ryu Senpai18 Report | 05/28/2012 9:17 pm
Ryu Senpai18
or you can make a trip to fairmont to see me
Ryu Senpai18 Report | 05/11/2012 4:52 pm
Ryu Senpai18
hey loser
Ryu Senpai18 Report | 01/16/2012 3:49 pm
Ryu Senpai18
hey rissa you still on here
jingmaro Report | 05/14/2011 2:31 am
thank you...^^
jingmaro Report | 05/04/2011 10:28 pm
Kaos too? {aros: wich one he was again.....the depressed one?} [yukimaru: i guess so....DON'T ASK THESE NAME THINGS FROM ME!! ALL I REMEMBER ARE RISSA AND MIZU COS THEY SEEM TO BE REAL CLOSE TO ME WHEN IM UP!!} yeayeayea shut up you two ^^
jingmaro Report | 05/04/2011 10:21 pm
*pulls eyes out of head, wipes them a bit and puts back* wow, i did see her after all....DIDNT YOU LEAVE GAIA LONG TIME AGO!?
Dante Rosaire Report | 01/21/2011 10:02 am
Dante Rosaire
lol I bet they do. I'm moving down south as soon as I get the chance though.
Dante Rosaire Report | 01/21/2011 6:20 am
Dante Rosaire
I saw your status and couldn't help but laugh. I live in New York, and winters there are freakin' ridiculous xp
Dante Rosaire Report | 01/19/2011 7:11 pm
Dante Rosaire
oh and btw I love your new avi
Dante Rosaire Report | 01/17/2011 10:47 am
Dante Rosaire
-poke- hows life treating you?

Beautiful Quote (Irish to English)

"You might try then, as I did, to find a sky so full of stars it will blind you again. Only no sky can blind you now. Even with all that iridescent magic up there, your eye will no longer trace constellations. You’ll care only about the darkness and you’ll watch it for hours, for days, maybe even for years, trying in vain to believe you’re some kind of indispensable universe-appointed sentinel, as if just by looking you could actually keep it all at bay. It will get so bad you’ll be afraid to look away, you’ll be afraid to sleep."

**D'fhéadfá triail as sin, mar a rinne mé, a aimsiú ar spéir iomlán mar sin de réaltaí beidh sé dall tú arís. Ach ní féidir aon spéir dall tú anois. Fiú le draíocht ar fad go iridescent suas ann, beidh do shúil a thuilleadh constellations rian. Feicfidh tú cúram ach amháin mar gheall ar an dorchadais agus beidh sé ag breathnú ort do uair an chloig, ar feadh lá, b'fhéidir fiú ar feadh na mblianta, ag iarraidh in vain chun a chreidiúint go bhfuil tú de shaghas éigin sentinel Cruinne-ceaptha fíor-riachtanach, mar a bheadh ach ag féachaint d'fhéadfaí tú i ndáiríre choinneáil go léir ag bá. Déanfaidh sé dul chomh dona go mbainfidh tú a bheith eaglach chun breathnú ar shiúl, beidh tú in eagla a chodladh.**


Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy
Shell beat you if shes able
You know the queen of heats is always your best bet

One Day I'll Fly Away

I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I begin to live again

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
What more could your love do for me
When will love be through with me
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends

One day I'll fly away
Fly fly away...


Crawling in my skin,
These wounds, they will not heal.
Fear is how I fall,
Confusing what is real.

Red vsBlue Randomness!!!

Tucker: Ooo-kay. Church... is trying to get a TRANSLATOR. So that WE can TALK to EACH OTHER.
Church: Tucker, the enormous alien doesn't speak our language. Speaking slowly is not gonna help.
Tucker: What? I'm talking to Caboose.
Church: Oh.
Caboose: I don't understand. Are-are-are you hungry? Tucker, are you hungry? Are you cold?
Tucker: What? No.
Caboose: Do you need a blanket? Tucker, do you want some hot dogs and a blanket?
Tucker: Damn it, no, Caboose, I'm NOT cold, I don't want a hot dog, and if you put mustard in my ******** sheets again, I'm gonna kill you.

User Image

Tucker: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Some slimy-toothed monster scared the crap out of Church! Ha-ha!
Tex: He didn't scare the crap out of him. He scared the *soul* out of him.
Tucker: Oh, it's Church. What's the difference? His soul is made out of crap... stupid crap-for-soul!
Church: For all I know, he's in there chewing on my body right now.
Tex: Well... then let's go get this big 'thing' of yours.
Tucker: Bow-chicka-bow-wow!
Tex: Oh, shut up.
Church: Shut up, Tucker.
Tucker: Somebody call for a really hairy plumber? Bow-chicka-bow-wow!
Church: Tucker! Shut up.
Tucker: I came here to lay some pipe... bow-chicka-bow-wow!
Church: Tucker!
Tucker: So I hear you've got sisters - bow-chicka - who are twins - bow-wow!
Church: Shut up...
Tucker: Hey, are you a model or famous actress? Bow-chicka-bow-wow!
Church: Shut up!
Tucker: Bow-chicka-chicka-bow-wow-chicka-chicka-bow-wow-chick-chicka-chicka--bow-wow!
Church: Shut up. Shut up! Shut... up!...

User Image

Tucker: English 101. Remedial kick a**!

User Image

Tucker: Church! WAIT!
Church: Huh?
Church: Tucker what what is it?
Tucker:I just wanted to say I gotta hard line Tex could use...Bow Chicka Bow Wow.
Tex:How did you even here that!?
Tucker: Pfft. I'm like superman...I know when I'm needed.

The Unforgiven

Hey Raven here!

Been on gaia since 2006. Love it.

My real birthday is June 4th.

I like to make new friends.

My likes inclue:
Long walks on the beaches, dancing under the stars, Kissing in the rain, when a man tries to sing to me but he can't sing a lick. That makes me melt! Wait..this isn't a dating profile! roflmfao!

Anyways, I'm 24 years old. I am a Mommy to a beautiful little girl named River Aileen Rinehart, born July 19th, 2012, and she is my world! I should also let you know that I have seven personalities that tend to pop up from time to time.

More likes:
Music is my true love. I play fifteen instruments, all self taught. My favorite genre of music is Metal.

What's my favorite band you ask?
The Eagles (Country Rock) followed closely by MetallicA (Metal)

My favorite song is Desperado by the Eagles followed directly behind Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

I love cats. I have a fur baby named Ms. Mella Yella Balella Morté Edwards, or Mella/ Mella Morté for short. Shortened her name means, "Lightning Death." She's extremely fast, and is also a ninja. Trust me on that one. Another awesome thing about my kitty girl is that she has a "Yin Yang" symbol as a pattern in her fur. This is why I picked her out of the litter.

I love marine biology. Growing up, I always wanted to work closely with Orca whales in the wild. However, my science grades sucked lol

I love Tattoos! I have six all together currently, but I plan on getting two in the very near future.Both for my daughter.

I LOVE Astronomy and Astrology. I'm a Gemini, which will also be tattooed on my body in glow in the dark ink. I love anything to do with the stars, and it's how my boyfriend and I escape into our own world.

My dislikes:
first and foremost...i hate dogs. I love wolves..like werewolves.

I hate noobs


Noobs who act like noobs


I hate country music

I hate gospel/christian music...unless it's ghetto gospel...or black gospel in church.

I am Pagan (Wiccan)

Random s**t:

I'm emo

I'm Manic Depressive (Aka I'm Bipolar)

I live on my own with my fiance and a friend in Bridgeport WV.

I am from West Virginia.

I play 15 different instruments and I sing

I have 5 younger brothers, but no sisters.

I've got 6 tattoos, and 5 piercings, well HAD 5 piercings

I"m a published poet in two countries.

I compose my own music.

If you want to know anything else just ask me!

I'm a sucker
for Guitar Hero.
In all honesty...
I kick a** at it.

Name: Marissa Age: 24 Sign: Gemini Nickname(s): Ris, Marcie Ink, Rissa, The s**t