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I'm not a normal girl.
I'd rather talk about cars than the latest gossip.
I'd rather play COD than go shopping.
I'd rather hang with the guys, than go on a date.
I'd rather not wear make up than have to take off layers of it every night.
I'd rather draw or write than pretend to be something I'm not.
I'd rather eat normal food than this low fat bs.
This is who I am. Too bad you go for that average teenage stereotypical girl

YO!.....I was born June 25, My real name is Ashana but Raven and Rov33r are my nicknames. i have blond hair, kiwi green eyes, i am very pale i only dress in black. i love scary movies and i like the dark the best!id rather cold over heat, i like to be the odd one, and i get very bored esily i dont have many friends, and i like to be alone most of the time. i am a great artist! Im just learning to skateboard (not working to well) and my life has almost hit rock bottom.AND I AM NOT A PREP!!