I be Ravedamsel!
You may call meh Rave
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Been molesting Gaia since '08 Bby.
Im that type a girl who'd still be luaghing at a joke that been told 3yrs ago xD.I'm left handed which makes meh cooler then you
Im a very open person, and you could talk to meh about anything
you wouldnt have to worry about meh judging you.
My values
"Fight War, Not Wars; Destroy Power, Not People" -Crass

I can be shy when you first meet meh, but get to know meh and you might even start lovin meh ;D
I am a vixox user! so if you have mic and are ever bored you know too come to meh (;

Um.. My names Carlin for thoses of you who dont already know :3
Get to know meh on a deeper level, and you'll realise how mellow I really am. I think tattoo's & pericings are uber hot ;D . I'm longing to get the corset going down my side, dermal anchors ( one on each collarbone ), && industrial . Tattoo wise I want koi fish going down my other side. ^^! It might seem ridiculous but thats just how I role 8D ♪Music keeps me sane♪. Techno sends meh to a parrell universe , Indie/ambient/metal/alternative/old school/ send meh deep into myself. Oldies makes meh smile (; Err. My dream job? Psychologist. Err. Tbe? I think so wink
"Whoever lays his hand on me, to govern me is a usurper and tyrant, and I declare him my enemy." Proudin 1849.

PM me?
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