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I'm not a thing to name. I am not an object that can be called anything but my name. I am Rave.
All I ask is that... Dont love me, if all your gonna do is let me go.
I recently got out of an relationship and i did something I'm not proud of. Something that no girl likes... Something that I should go to hell for...

But as far as that goes... I try to stay focus on my writings and my activities.

Please no random adding or random donation requests: Your only asking for money and after you get it you just leave me... until you need more. And abandonment isn't really i thing im fond of.

Raining Blood:
Let me take you to a place that will taint your sanity and make the sands of sorrow travel through your mind faster, As the hourglass of temptation fills your miserable soul with the regrets of your past love. (*whispers*-Your miserable Canvas will be the death of you.)

How about you let me go?
Do what you did that hollow eve.

Do you remember?
Everybody knows.

How could you be so hearless?
When i trusted you. You left me alone in the cold snow of our memories.

HOW COULD YOU?! How could you leave me like that?

I guess your just not who i thought you were.

Tearing Heart:
As night descends. The masquerade begins.

The mask of hollow men stare at you embrace. As the white dress of sorrow shrouds your curiosity.

The night covers your wounds. As you hide from the man you once loved.
For this man is Your salvation.


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Poetic Insinuation
Enticing Rage
Rave Fantasy
Poetic Insinuation

u dont get the pleasure of lookin at my face


The depths of a mans soul cant be measured in meters or fathoms.

Scars, breaks, burns, lacerations, and more.... They all heal with time. But a broken heart never heals, even though it seems like it has.

You Can Say What You Want. Too hurt me, Or too heal me. But to me they are only whispers in the mind. Only her words can stitch my broken heart.

awesome girl

my awesomest friend

Through dark nights, and dark caves. Your love is my light. Off high mountains and 15 story buildings. Your love is my rope. With every beat and every breath. Your love is my reason. I love you, no matter what.