Deep in the heart of every living creature, there lurks the grim and greedy survivor... and most are ashamed of that side, because they believe its amoral or bestial... well, it may be both, but better to be an amoral beast than dead, right? in this sense... SQUEAK! Survival is everything.


The old wooden door creaks as you enter the dim lit shop, the shelves full of strange items and the air musty and dusty.. yet for all this, you can feel there is something that you want in here, its calling you, with a voice only you can hear in your heart.
Behind a knife scarred table, there sits a darkly furred creature, its eyes gleaming reddish in the reflection of the candlelight.
As you approach it, it stands up with astounishing grace, and bows in a courtly manner before you...

"Welcome, seeker of the mysterious... Ye Wererats Shoppe offers you the most precious and interesting items so you can baffle your peers with outstanding attires and mysterious paraphenalia!
Rare artifacts from times long forgotten! Masterwork armour and weapons! Phantastic things-nobody-was-meant-to-know!
Give yourself the "special" touch of one of those splendid articles, and bask in the light of unparalelled yearn from those who behold your then magnificient presence. You are worth it.
yum_donut yum_tea
... and here, have a sweet and a cup of earl grey. Its on the house, ye see."


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