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Legit Boss Report | 02/08/2018 9:54 am
Legit Boss
You should come back and have one last match against The LEGIT Boss.

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Adam Joseph Copeland Report | 12/15/2013 11:06 pm
Adam Joseph Copeland
Merry Christmas
Pvt. Bruce Beltran
Matthew Joseph Cardona Report | 03/31/2011 1:25 pm
Matthew Joseph Cardona
Lita , you need to RP more .
Mr Kenneth Anderson Report | 03/07/2011 5:14 pm
Mr Kenneth Anderson
Bruce is your lover.
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Mr Kenneth Anderson
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Mr Kenneth Anderson
Your against my girlfriend?
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Mr Kenneth Anderson
How's your rp?
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Mr Kenneth Anderson
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Mr Kenneth Anderson
How are you?
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Mr Kenneth Anderson
Sup, Lita?

Rated R Diva - Lita

Rated R Diva - Lita's avatar

Birthday: 12/15



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Name: Amy Christine Dumas
Date of birth: April 14, 1975
Age: 25
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Red (Naturally brown)
Eyes: Hazel
Born: Ft. Lauderdale Fl.
Lives: Sanford, NC
Status: Single

Federations worked for: WWF (Currently), ECW (1999), MCS, EMLL, NWA (North Carolina) & other indies.

Trained by: Essa Rios, Matt & Jeff Hardy (She met them in NC, and trained with them), Kevin Quinn, Miguel Perez, Ricky Santana in Mexico, Shannon Moore (from 3 Count in WCW), Joey Abs, Dory Funk Jr. & Lelani Kai.

Also wrestled as: Angelica (Indies and ECW), Miss Congeniality (ECW), Lita (WWF). She also played one of the Godfathers hos on two different occasions. I have a pic of one of them and it has been confirmed also.

Trademark moves: Moonsault from the top rope, Hurricanrana, Swinging DDT's, Twist of Fate & she also favors the spear w/series of punches in there.

Amy has managed: The Hardy Boys (WWF), Essa Rios (WWF), Danny Doring/Roadkill (ECW) and others from indy feds including Christopher Daniels.

The tattoos: (Neck) Lita says that is is Russian and it says rebel, and she got it the day that she turned 18 and was able to get a tattoo. (Shoulder) Lita says that she decided to go travel in Europe for about 6 weeks or so, and she picked up a souvenir on her arm. It doesn't mean anything, it's just a dragon on her shoulder.

The thongs: Lita said that she has about 30 or 40 thongs at the moment, and she will spend a day on Melrose Avenue shopping and probably pick up another 35 or so. As the lady at "Bra's n' Things" says: "You can never have too many g's!"

Injuries: The power bomb that she took from Eddy Guerrero hurt her the most, and she couldn't lift for about 6 weeks. She ended up having a dislocated collar bone and shoulder blade from that powerbomb in particular.

Lita had a sprained ankle that was bothering her for some time, though she wrestled with it, and it finally as good as new.

From the 11th of September to the end of that month, Lita had a suspected broken toe after executing a bad moonsault on Ivory on Raw is War. Her leg landed across the throat of Ivory and her toe hit the met hard. She hit the same toe again after doing a moonsault not long after that on Trish Stratus.


Lita says that she did not go to a wrestling school. The very first place she broke in was in Mexico, and that was in the basement of an arena. She didn't learn anything high flying then, she learned how to tuck her head, bump and fall. She spent a week in Chicago at a school called the Steel Domain, which is still running. After that, she started on the Indies, and she was in the Mid Atlantic School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She then went to the Hardys in the Omega ring, and that as about the last place that she actually trained before coming to the WWF.

Lita said working with Chyna was cool! Lita said that the writers told her that the next step would to be a do a program with Essa, and she kind of blew that off, and they went on to do a little program with Chyna. Lita said that she was amazing to work with, and she doesn't know Chyna that well, but it's like having a big sister.

She says that working with the Hardy Boyz is fantastic and they are always talking about what they can do next and coming up with new ideas to present to the front office.

Amy's Favorites

Movies: Wedding Singer, American pie, North Shore, Gleaming the cube, Pee Wee's big adventure

Bands: Tool, Limp Bizkit, Pearl Jam, Godsmack, Bush, Avail, 7 seconds, Creed
Kid Rock, Beastie Boys, RHCP

Favorite Stores: Guess, BCBG, Betsey Johnson and BeBe.

How did Lita become a wrestler? Lita went to Mexico when she first wanted to become a wrestler. There, she met Essa Rios. She didn't know him too well, when she decided that she wanted to be a part of this crazy business. After leaving Mexico, it was like watching a big tennis match, and Essa Rios really stuck in her head. She got to know him and she watched him a lot in Mexico. When she was speaking with the WWF, the idea was mentioned to her that she was going to be with Essa Rios. As you know, Essa Rios is a tremendous high flyer in the ring, and Essa took Lita under his wing. Lita says that he was very encouraging, and he was open to any ideas. Lita says that whenever she asks him something, he says that it's easy and shows her.

Lita wanted to get involved in wrestling because she was a fan of the Lucha Libre style. She says that she never really understood wrestling until she got into the Lucha Libre, and she some some Luchadore on WCW and she started getting into the storylines as well. Lita said that she didn't know anything about schools or Indy wrestling, and she got a ticket to Mexico and checked out some wrestling. Lita eventually started doing some valet business in Mexico, and she actually got to work with Val Venis. Lita said that she ended up with some American Journalists in Mexico, and they had nothing but horror stories about Mexico.

Lita said that it's very surreal that she's involved in wrestling today. Some American audiences got their first taste of Lita in ECW. Once she decided to move the WWF from ECW, it was tough. She did some training with the Hardys as well. Lita said that they have been very influential in her career, and when she was in Mexico, she had a crash course as well as in Chicago. She had an Indy connection with the NWA in North Carolina, and she met the Hardy Boyz, and they invited her to come to their ring to train.

What was it like for Lita to work in the ECW?

Lita said she had a good time there, and she learned so much in the short time that she was there. It was really tough, and she was extremely hungry and poor. It was real rough financially, and everyone there is real cool. It was a little scary at times, but all in all, it was cool.

Does she like the ECW or WWF better?

Lita said that she likes it here in the WWF, and it's a dream come true. ECW was a great experience, and it's really good for people to graduate to move on to the next level. Lita said that she would have to say that she likes the World Wrestling Federation better.

How has she been handling fame?

Lita said that it didn't really start until the angle with Chyna, and it really started to fire up that week. She likes to interact with people. One night, someone knocked on her door, and there were 20 kids asking for autographs. Lita said that was okay, but that was a little bit much, and one morning as she was leaving, there was so many kids out there. She also has said that she is not at all used to fame and whenever she sees someone with a pen and paper in hand, so thinks they must be wanting directions or when they see her they are looking at the clock behind her or something!

What does Lita do to get away from the WWF?

Lita said that she doesn't like to be away from everything. She hates it, and she watches tapes all week long and pretends that she's on the road.

What kind of school student was Lita?

Lita said her whole goal in high school was to not be stupid and drop out, and she got through it, and she graduated like 6 months early. By the time the actual graduation came along, she was in college. Before she was with the WWF and wrestling, she was with bands, and she was a band manager. She was still on the road.

What is Lita's view of women in wrestling?

She remembers the Armageddon pay per view, and that was when Miss Kitty took her top off, and she said that was all right, because it was what the people want to see. It put a twist to it. Lita said that it's cool right now that they are entertaining both with the cat fights and then something they haven't seen. Once the fans see something that they haven't seen, they think it's pretty cool. Lita is giving people something new to see in a woman.

What about the high flying and high risk moves that she does and how does she feel about the Hardy Boyz?

As far as the high flying and high risk moves that Lita has done, it's very impressive. Lita said that they have some big things ahead for her and the Hardy Boyz, and the possibilities are limitless. The three of them are constantly trying to put together some ideas, and they are going to be doing some stuff together, and she is loving it!

Who does Lita look up to in the locker room?

Lita said everyone work so hard back there, everyone just pushes themselves so hard to give 100%, and Triple H definitely sticks out. It's so crisp and so clean and it's extremely professional.

What does Lita do while she's traveling on a plane?

Lita said that if she's not sleeping, she has her note book out and she's writing down spots and angles for wrestling. She is obsessed with wrestling!

Her suggestions for future athletes in the wrestling business:

Lita said that you have to find out what is in you, because people are going to test you and make you want to quit. You have to stay focused and don't look back and continue to try to progress. Stay in school and then train to become a wrestler. She went to college to be a teacher, and she wound up in wrestling, but she is glad that what she went to college for is in her back pocket.


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