Real life has taken over. I have had no time to log on but for some reason I felt compelled to log in because......I have nothing.

I also purged my buddylist...people that were memorable were the ones I kept...everyone else...if you feel that we were really good friends before, just add me again, and memories might start flooding back.

Alright, for starters:
I'm a Senior in high school.
I just became a college freshman.
I'm now a college sophomore. Nerd, geek, freak, I fit all of the above

I like:
-Music (making, listening, bashing)
-Tolerant people. You have your beliefs, I have mine. Make a compelling point, I'll listen, but I might not agree.
-You? Maybe.
-The interwebz
-Games that are of the virtual/video nature. Specifically RPGs.
-Cooking. You haven't heard? It's the new manly thing to do.
-Driving to far away places
-A lot of things. These were just a few things.

I dislike:
-Intolerant/ignorant people
-Egocentric people
-You? Maybe.
-Incoherent text in my comment box or PMs.
-Random adds. At least PM me so that it's not as awkward.
-Gas prices.
-I don't dislike a lot of things. I really don't. This list was harder to make than I thought. >.<

So be cool, be friendly, don't piss me off, and talk to me. I may sound busy, but I'm usually bored half the time.

I took off my picture. The internet is a scary place. xD


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I'll write in this mainly for gold purposes


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You know, I finally checked this and I can't believe this is still here.
Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

Hey you.
Yeah, I'm talking to you.
I hope you're doing well. <3 You're not on much anymore, but I'm still gonna leave you some birthday wishes.
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Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

Trying. :3 Thank you for caring, lol. -huggles-
Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

I'm fine now. I was having a little panic attack last night and I slept it off. :-3 I'm good for now, but thank you very much for having the time to even offer help. :D
Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

Coolest losers in the world.. xD Damn straight about that one.
Making memories is my favorite thing. <3 You've missed so much though, lol. Like my birthday and all the events that happened at Christmas and Valentine's Day. XD Lmao, they got pretty hilarious. I'm not sure how I feel about the Easter one, though. >.<
Soooo! How have you been all this time? D: You just kinda left without a word and it made me upset.
Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

Man, it's kinda a shame you don't remember me all that well, lol.
Maybe going though your comments can help? o:
Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

Oh god, you forgot me. ;__; ..
We played zOMG a few times together. We first originally met in towns, though, lol. I forgot who introduced us. I'm pretty sure it was someone I deleted. >.<
Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

HOLY....! -tackle glomps your a** like hell and doesn't let go- YOU'RE ON! HOLY s**t!! AM I DREAMING OR SOMETHING?! AAHHH! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!! <33333
Hibernating Goldfish

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Hibernating Goldfish

The Goldfish Has Something To Say...

{Hey, long time no see. o:
I don't know if you're ever gonna get back on, but it's Alice if you remember me. You're still on my friend's list for some reason. Guess I never felt a need to delete you. sweatdrop
Well, it'd be nice to hear from you again or see you on. It's been awhile. o: I hope you remember me by some chance. I don't know what username I had when you were still on, but if Imperishable Sorrow or My Loves Sacrifice rings a bell anywhere, that'll be me. 3nodding
I hope you're doing well and life is great for you, though. Hopefully I can talk to you soon. =^-^=
Hmm.. well, see ya around.}

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