so, i keep getting emails saying people PMed me about avi art.
so i came back to make this message.
i quit gaia months ago.
i wont get into why.
if you want avi art done i will do it.
but dont contact me through this site, instead send me a note on deviantart.
heres the link to my profile: randomstranger345.deviantart.com
i wont take gaia gold, but i will take deviantart points.
if you MUST pay me in gaia gold dont send it to me, send it to either
Deathly Pajamas
if you dont have deviantart points then i will take gold, but dont hide that fact that you have them just so you can hoard them.
oh, and just one more little thing.
i can actually draw now! i sucked when i made my art shop. I SUCKED!!!!!
but now i do fairly nice anime drawings.
so, anyways.
thats all, i might check back on gaia in a few months.
im considering coming back, but i dunno if i want to.
i might join tentacl
so if i do, my username will be randomstranger345 OR yuki.