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Some Of my Poems
Lonely Tears. my greatest fear i wish to overcome.
some way some how i know right here that something must be done.
the crying pain goin insane from everything ive felt.
the endless love ive always had is slowly starting to melt.
like a vise it starts to squeeze on a heart that was filled with joy
but its slowly being played with just like some toy
do you really want this
is all that you can ask
somehow you feel ashamed
and then put on a mask
a mask that is a shield to hide your own emotions
trying oh so very hard to change a dire notion
oh the pain you cant avoid
it drowns your every need
trying to swim out of a puddle
that turned into a sea
drowning drowning in the feeling
of falling in love agian
cant get away your gasping for air
this was not what was planned
"get away get away please i cant take anymore"
hearts beginning to break as you fall unto the floor
landing hard
on broken shards
trying to get away
but the shards of your heart cut and cut
wrapper your arms around your gut
trying to keep the pain inside
while everyone watches
sees you hurting with nothing left to say
the tears are streaming now
things begin to hit you like wow
get up get up back on your feet
you dont want to accept defeat
but the pain the pain of not having him on your life is crippiling
the pain of not having him in you life is stiffling
its starting agian you start to shake
you want this to be a nightmare and you want to awake
its coming agian the shadow of hurt
here it comes prepare for the worst
closer now ready for pain
already you start to go insane
"take me away i dont want it anymore!"
writhiling squirming on the floor

you feel those arms wrap your waist
you feel his lips
have that taste
tilts your head to look in his eyes
he sits down next to you
hold you right
grabs you tight and wont let go
the tears start streaming because now you know
he hold you tighter and says "i love you"
and through the tears you say "i love you too"
that's when you know that its done
you know that's you've finally found the one
sweeping up the shards of you heart of broken glass
he sweeps up the pain that happened in the past
takes your tears and throws them in the trash
you look at him his eyes glisten so true
and he says
"you've been so strong this is true
and so i wipe these tears for you"
and that's when you realize what you have
that his love can help to heal
and now because hes in you life
you only cry....tears of steel

By: Devanna Robinson


beggers can't be choosers

...............so i won't beg

lovers can't be fighters

................so i won't love

makers can't be breakers

....................so i will break you

can't be happy and sad

so ******** it

...............................sad ill stay

you can't feel whole with a broken heart

...........................so watch me fill da cracks

if i cant have both

..............................then i'll choose none

you cant like and hate so

...............................i won't like

you can't be with me

so i wont be with you.............................

By biggrin evanna Robinson

HOW DO I?:::
letting go
is hard to do
expecially when
im letting go of you

sure it can be done
but at what cost
i've gain so much
that i don't want lost

i felt so hurt
when to you i'd give
you never did

feeling like im fighting
something that can't be won
and becuase of this
my heart is done

oh don't get me wrong
i loved the hell out of you
only problem is
i still do

what hurtsme more
is that you WANT me to leave
how do i know this
hmmm lets see

you told my friend
i need to move on
making sue i didn't know
what wasgoing on

i took you back
so many times
and everyone thought
i was out of my mind

which clearly now
i can see i was
it's hard to believe
what love does

the one time in my life
i was naieve
to believe everythgin
you said to me

i knew it could work
but you just wouldnt let it
i loved you so much
but you just didn't get it

i hate to tell you
but there is no way
anyone could love you
in the way

that i did i mean
and i need you to know
that you
didn't love me

you wouldn't leave her alone
an oh so simple task
matter of fact
you did nothing i asked

but when it came to her
you did all
even if
it made me fall

i gave you something
you didn't deserve
and then you turn around
with enough nerve

to tell me that
you need space
i guess that was supposed
to put me in my place

oh but guess what
now im done
i guess you really werent
the one

i couldhave been
you everything
but tio you
i was nothing

i could picture us
hanging everywhere
eat over here
shop over there

i lost my friends
just for you
without even
thinking things through

the worst part is
i put up with it
i loved you the smae
put up with your s**t

i still think of you
i but i'll move on
authough the thoughts
continue on

i didn't want to give up
something so sweet
but unfortunately
i'll accept defeat

it's hard to shake this this pain
this love
because i can't
stop thinking of

the first time
that we ever kissed
those soft lips
i really miss

you grabbed my waist
and pulled me tight
and tha was something
i really liked

you hugged me tight
tight as you could
i wanted to breath
but never would

we always fought
and that was fun
you wooped my a**
but i always won

and then.......
there were those times
when i just layed
across your chest
and there i stayed

listening to you heartbeat
cuz in my mind
it always seemed
to match mine

i held you hand
while we walked in the rain'
it was when i loved you
and you felt the same

we'd lay on the couch
all day long
and i remember
you showed me a song

i don't quite remember
who its by
but now when i hear it
it makes me cry

i remember the times
when i was so hurt
i couldn't stop crying
felt lower than dirt

but when you saw me
ill never forget this
you picked me up
with just a kiss

what made it worse
you caused the pain too
but we always managed
to make it through

i also remember
the smell of your skin
it smelled of chocolate
expecially in the wind

and there where those times
right at night
when i'd picture you
holdn me tight

running you fingers
through my hair
telling me that
you'll always be there

when we argued
i had nightmares,of you at night
i'd wake up crying
praying you were alright

and i'd call you
as soon as you were awake
just to find out
if you were safe

i tried so much
to express my love
i didn't feel "i love you"
woudl ever measure up

when you hurt the hell out of me
i just loved you more
and said it before
you walked out my door

always said i love you
when i hung up the phone
cuz if i had you in my heart
i was never alone

but now t's like
the love is thru
it's here for me
but.... not for you

you'll never feel the way i feel
when im around you
it sinds chills up my spine
and tingles my skin too

i can barely think straight at times
because i have those days
when the simple thought of kissing you
never goes away

i know it sounds kiddish
but i don't give a s**t
it is what it is
but i will tell you this

everyday my love for you
gest a little stronger
the love she has for you
could never be more wronger (yeah my own word)

she'll never love you like i did
that's just how it is
and no one in my life
has made me feel like this

i can only love you
even more
even if you don't love me
it won't go away
and frankly, that's not healthy (lol)

but in the haste of you life
you just don't have the time
but you sure found some for her
time that was meant to be mine

i guess you don't want me
maybe, i don't know
but if you really do
you have to proove so

im tired of being played
i really need some love
from someone who cares about me
i mean really REALLY does

crying over you
for all the love i had
and embarrassingly i must admit
it really quite sad

so i guess i'll just wait
but i''ll be having fun
i refuse to cry over
someone whos not the one.......

By: DeVanna Robinson

it's like traveling through a dark corridor no joy in you heart can't love anymore
want to run want to hide cant take anymore you ask yourself why?

it's been sucked out of you, your joy and your love
and you just can't stop thinking that you'll never be above

beyond anybody else, and you've convinced yourself it's true
and no one will deny it for the fact they told you

your heart gets steady darker, and no one will accept you
in your single hatred because you cant be the best

that they want you to be so you so you give up your constant trying
you hope that they will see so you stop youself from crying

but no, it never seems to click, all they do it call you a b***h
and the only thing you can say is "ok if you feel that way"

so no one will convince you
that what their saying and thinkin isnt true

so here you sit and think to yourself everything that went wrong
and while you think you cry and cry and sing the saddest song....

By: Devanna Robinson

he hurts me
yet i stay
can love really stop me
from going away

you dont want to hurt me
but look at what you've done
how do i know
that your the one

i gave him my all
my souls every part
now im seeing
you don't deserve my heart

i love him so much
i don't want to leave
but when it comes to her
neither does he

he leaves me broken hearted
just as cold as stone
but for some odd reason
i refuse to let go

it hurts so much
it's killing my mind
my deep emotions
im trying to hide

i love him to DEATH
but i just can't take it
im willing to wait
but..... i don't think i can make it

he listens to her
like my thoughts don't mean s**t
it hurts so much
at times it doesn't fit

it's ripping me apart
away at the seams
im so overcrowded
with the thoughs of these things

i'll always have
that same picture in my head
of her in his arms
his head on her head

that kills me inside
but i still hold on
my mind say's it's wrong
but my heart stays strong

i'm stuck between my mind
and my hearts own well being
i love him so much
but i just can stop seeing

the images in my mind
the pain in myt heart
i've cried everynight
burdend with the thoughts

of what else they have done
besides just a kiss
telling myself it's hard
but i have to say this

i think everyday
of whatelse they have done
when i wasn't there
if i wasn't the only one

held her close to his body
though he says he didn't
but when i think that way of him
SHE comes in it

they say im overeacting
but i don't care
these are my feelings
and you but them there

i said i'd wait
but what will you do
in the time you not with me
when your running loose

it hurts so much
like excrutiating pain
and i don't want t say this
but your the one to blame

i still love you
that won't be any different
i don't know your future
but i want to be in it

through the good and bad
no matter what
we can get through this
i can feel it in my gut

i can only hope
he makes the right decision
but if he doesn't
im really gonna miss him.....

By Devanna Robinson

as the pain grows
my ego shrinks
and al i do
is sit and think
why this always
happens to me
causing me so much
so here i am
trying to stay sane
my soul falls to pieces
leaving me in intense pain
and my broken heart leaves a bloody stain

all the things that move through my mind about you makes me wonder, why did i choose someone so wonderouse, so gifted, so spectacular. are the tears i cry over him, the blood i shed for happiness, joy? or are they all for sorrow and pain. in the tym i have known him, i can almost most deffinetly say that it won't b takin in vain. will he hurt me, more than likely, but it is already known that it wont be on meaning. the sonorouse image i get everytym i think of him makes the face of stone that stands fixed to my spirit breakdown the barrier that holds it in place to allow his splendor to shine through. it's as if he has monopolized all my exaustion, my frustration, worries, sadness, and stress into a simple relief and release by the words i love you. some people think that me as a person doesn't even know the complete meaning of love, of pleasure, of joy. i do. no age limit is put on the dffinition of love. by restricting those who wish to love and show love is building bars of imprisonment infront of a beneviolently deserving heart.it's almost as if a mark as been left , unable to face the effects of ebrasion caused by the scarring words of others. the love that i feel is ageless, timeless, can withstand aggranized humor and anger of others. at times when i'm in his presence, talking to him, imagining him being arouond me, i bask in the bastings of happipness until the nest tym we meet and behave bonding hearts. on the brink of shouting out all my emotions of him in one contiououse breath, to any and all that will listen. brimful to actually do it. shold i stop being happy everytym he picks up the phone and the answer from the other end is hey buttercup. all the trials and tribulations that are building up in anguish and in anger, in frustration and fear vanish as if in constant castigation. i want his heart, his mind, his spirit, his well being, him in general. he has allowed me to have it. not sexually , i don't need it. mentally, emotionally. i have dine the same for him. so many things left to be said to prove in the best way how im feeling about now. disharmony is not an option, nor is discontent. disconcerted of all these feelings at once,i must say when i lay down at night hoping and dreaming of the next tym he'll hold me in his arms, the next tym i run my fingers through his hair. too many tymes have i wondered if he loves me the way he says he does, if he's just using my own love for his own personal gain. somehow deep in my own mind, my own spirit, i know he isn't on that. i can tell just by how he carries himself. i already know we will hit some rought patches in our lives but contentment will soon b found. things, no matter wat tey may be will work out. stand strong enough together to allow both pain and love to thrive in harmony as one. to make this love both evenly glorious or groutesque. a path can be chosen of any degree but will still have pot holes reguardless. but i have his heart, he has my mind and soul. with my own crying eyes not of pain but of joy, i can see the brightness of the dawn and the light that has yet to shine through on such a gloriouse revelation. for this i look forward to it all as i have looked forward to those things that have already happened. i kno he will keep them coming.

you want his touch
the taste of his lips
the way he speakes
the way he talkes
the confidence he has when he walks
when you meet
all anger dissapears
you have no torubles
you have no fears
you know in your mind
that it's not a game
and you also know
he wants the same
you fantasize
about what can be done
try to figure out
if he is the one
do you picture him in mind
smile when you see him
think that everythiung will be just fine
he's there when you need him
all these things describe who it is your mind
and i can guarantee
that the thoughts
will never be left behind

by devanna robinson

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