Name:: My real name is Franklyn I just felt uncomfortable before and didn't want you guys to know my name but idk no more.
Nicknames:: none
Birthplace:: Minneapolis
Current Location:: my room
Hair Color:: dark brown long
Eye Color:: blue
Height:: 5' 9"
Weight:: 154
Tatoos?:: none
Piercings?:: left eyebrow
Overused Phrase:: thats as cool as aids
Bedtime:: when i pass out
Best Physical Feature:: dunno
Most Missed Memory:: 8th grade
First Thought When I Wake Up:: where am i
Weakness:: girls
Best Friends:: even, justine, alice, and tuby topher
Goal For The Year:: stay out of trouble
Greatest Fears:: being infertile
Preferred Eye Color:: don't matter
Preferred Hair Color:: don't matter
Short Hair or Long Hair...: longer
Preferred Height:: shorter than me
Preferred Weight:: whatever
Looks or Personality...: both
Hot or Cute...: either
Number:: 13
Food:: domino's pizza with ranch on occasion
Type of Music:: all
Candy:: gummy worms
Color:: blue
Animal:: lion
Drink:: depends(thats right i drink dippers)
Movie:: none really, it changes too often
**Past Time**
--What I've Done--
Drank?: tried it wasn't for me
Smoked?: nope
Been Beaten Up?: no
Bullied Someone?: probably
Skinny Dipped?: in your dreams, ladies...
Played Spin The Bottle: yea
Toilet Papered Someones House?: yea (don't worry I new them)
Played Poker W/ Money?: yea
Gone Swimming In A White T-Shirt?: no i take my shirt off when i swim
Been Tickled So Bad That I Cried?: yes
Been Tickled So Bad That I Couldn't Talk?: yes
Like Someone And Not Tell Them How You Felt?: yes
Walked In The Rain W/out An Umbrella?: yea
Danced In The Rain?: yes
Told A Joke And Nobody Thought It was Funny?: yea
Been On Stage?: yea
Wore Clothes My Mom Didn't Approve Of?: no, I love me mother
Been To A Nude Beach?: yea, ladies...
Cursed In Church?: yea
Been Called A Whore/Slut For Kissing Someone?: probably
Been Dumped?: i think so
Dumped Someone?: yea
Been In Love?: i don't think so
Been Hit On Someone Older Than Me?: yea
Cried During A Movie?: yea, ladies...
Wanted Something I Couldn't Have?: yea
Made Love On The Beach?: nope
Shoplifted?: yea
Seen Someone Shoplift?: yea
Hung Up On Someone?: yea
Yelled At Your Pet?: yea
Gotten Seasick?: no
Bought A Thong Cuz The Cashier Was Hot?: yea
Stalked Someone?: no
Had A Stalker?: yea
Played A Prank On Someone And Scared Them?: yea
Been Embarrassed By Someone In Your Family?: yea
Felt Bad About Eating Meat?: ******** no
Protested?: yea
Been To An Island?: yea
Ate Cuz You Had Nothing Better To Do?: yea
Screamed In A Library?: yea
Made Out W/ A Stranger?: no, but want to
Made Out W/ Someone Who Wasn't Single?: no
Wished A Part Of I Was Different?: yea
Talked To A Complete Stranger?: yea
Been Sunburned So Bad You Blistered?: yea
Kicked A Guy In The Nuts?: yea
Threw Up In School?: yea
Received A Love Letter That Wasn't Signed?: yea, it scared me
Wore Something You Hated?: yea
Wore Something To Match Someone?: kinda
Been To A Luau?: yea
Cursed In front Of Your Parents?: yea
Been On TV?: idk
Been Outta The Country?: yea, to the lovely Brazil every August in the past 4 years
Been Honked At While Walking Down The Sidewalk?: yea
Won A Pool Championship Game?: yea, not
Dieted?: no
Had An Eating Disorder?: no
Cheated On Your Other?: no, ladies I haven't...
Been Cheated On?: i don't think so but you never know
Been Bribed To Date Someone?: yea
Dated Someone That Was Paid or Dared To Date You?: idk
Tanned Topless?: yea, I'm a dude
Been Strip Searched?: possibly
Been On A Plane?: yea, duh
Been On A Cruise?: no
Been Pantsed In Public?: yea
Thrown My Shoe At Someone?: yea
Broke Someone's Heart?: i hope not
Sung In The Shower?: of course
Bought Something Way To Expensive?: yea
Been Walked In On While You Were Dressing?: yea
Been Walked In On While Showering?: no, maybe...
Ran Out Of A Movie Theater Cuz You Got Scared?: yea, date movie
Been Kicked Out Of A Mall/ Store?: yea
Been Kicked Out Of A GoCart Place Cuz I Wrecked The Go Cart?: nope
Been In Detention?: yea
Feel Off A Roof?: yea a few times
Pretended You Were Scared So You Could Cuddle W/ Someone?: no
Been In A Car Wreck?: yea
Wrecked So I Wouldn't Hit An Animal?: ******** no I'll run them over
Made Myself Puke So You Wouldn't Have To Go To School?: yea
Threatened Someone W/ A Water Gun?: yea
Been Shot?: yea, with a water gun
Had A Water Gun War?: yea
Been Arrested?: yea, unfortunately
Would You Choose To Live Forever If I Could?: no
Played Extreme Lava Tag: yea


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what kind of project

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thats a little personal there buddy

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Hmmm thats tough I don't have a hollywood crush but Jessica Alba is pretty hot

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yes I am why

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hey whats up

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what the ******** lol yea i remember you but not that way lol

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You hit the nail on the head, or would have it nails had heads...did you know that those bumps on potatos are called eyes? Oh, and the Japanese word for potato is emo. There's also a pregnant emo girl at my school.
Anyways, steering away from vital information for your day to day use. You mentioned building a moutain of pancakes? My friend did the same thing the other day, though it was made of leftover macaroni and cheese.
How has your existence been going?

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Do you still exist? @_@

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Brad Pitt used my bathroom.