About me! XD

well my real name is danae, and im 13 years old. i currently am in 7th grade with my brother austyn. i was born on october,22,1996 with a problem. My liver and intestins were born outside of me. the doctors said i wouldn't make it but im here today. i was born in louisiana in Baton Rouge. i am currently living in grover beach california. i have a lot of friends here are just a few.
Grant,brennen,heather E,heather M, Garret, marcie,ryan,oscar,hugo,bryce, nathen j, nathen B, and last but not least my best best friend Madison. Madison has always stuck up for me and i stick up for her. Both of us love to draw and we are always hanging out. Madison is a grade lower then me but its ok im fine with that.
People do say that im goth but not that much i just like wearing black and green. And yes i do wear boys clothes too but their cool. all my life i have been riticuled by different people but im now used to it.I am still made fun of and its not cool.someone even attacked me because i was different. still my friends keep me company
i love being with my friends and now im going back to them yay!!!