Hey everyone,this is Kiri.There's not going to be much here in the about me section this time.I have a few short things to say and then that'll be out. *sigh* Life's been pretty rough lately.My brother and I unfortunately are living in hell right now.What with our parents' constant fighting.Honestly,I doubt they'll really be together much longer.Then what'll happen?They go seperate ways,and stuck having to go from place to place,while trying hard not to pick favorites.
So,until everything gets all sorted out,I will be off of gaia.Sadly,I don't know how long i'll be,but my family really needs me right now.If I am to not come back again,Ii would just like to say now that all of you guys are really great friends,and i'm glad that I had the opportunity of meeting you.
But then again,maybe I could be on next month.Or...maybe a week.Even a year?Not sure,really truly depends on my family.So...for probably a while,see ya guys

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