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Gender: Female

Location: South Dakota

Birthday: 12/31

Occupation: Does anyone even care? Lol


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Xiao Kaiserin Report | 08/08/2019 4:05 pm
allo allo and thank you redface the vines are from Spring Nymph
sailorsoymilk Report | 07/23/2019 1:43 pm
Thank you for your purchase~ ♡
Mewsical Neko Report | 07/16/2019 3:45 pm
thank you! and your avi is sooooooooo pretty!
Mewsical Neko Report | 06/18/2019 9:04 pm
Your so welcome!!!! Glad I could help emotion_hug
-x- Akiyo -x- Report | 05/27/2019 10:14 pm
cool avi
Bread4Toast Report | 03/23/2019 4:31 pm
Thank you for buying my Phoenix Inspired outfit! heart next time you can ask for a discount and I’ll gladly give you one~ emotion_hug
Xiao Kaiserin Report | 01/02/2019 6:11 pm
anytime and a Happy new year to you as well~ All the best~~
and You are never too Old for Cake XDDDD
Xiao Kaiserin Report | 12/31/2018 6:38 pm
-holds out cake- So i see you are~~ Oldd~~~
Happy New Birthday~~~~ heart emotion_dowant gaia_kittenstar yum_cupcake
hope you enjoy it~~
stagchilde Report | 11/25/2018 4:22 pm
Thanks for buying my outfit! I hope you enjoy heart
Sassy Kassi Report | 07/07/2018 5:38 pm
I got our Avis drawn together!!!!
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Sassy Kassi
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These peeps are awesome peeps <3

I am her Princess Bubblegum <3

The Love of My Life,
My Wife <3

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