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The child without a name grew up to be the hand
To watch you, to shield you, or kill on demand
The choice he'd made he could not comprehend
His blood a grim secret they had to command
He's torn between his honor and the true love of his life
He prayed for both but was denied
The curse of his powers tormented his life
Obeying the crown was a sinister crime

Cha cHa chA

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Hansyeisbecher Report | 01/02/2013 4:17 pm
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Hansyeisbecher Report | 01/02/2013 8:24 am
"Blitzwing! It's been a long time, right? How have you been?"
Lady LaserStrike Report | 12/31/2012 11:15 pm
Lady LaserStrike
"As do I.." LaserStrike could already feel the electrical buildup forming from both of their frames, the currents bouncing off each other and exchanging in a little dance of their own. She shuddered when he took her chin between his digits to angle it upwards, the sheer amount of power he held against her was more than enough to get her engine running, the femme had always liked being dominated the most. "Mmmm.." Her optics shone brightly with lust as his servo crept up her back to fiddle with her wings, eliciting a soft moan from her once he hit the right point upon them. "Nhh~" Slender servos began to explore each and every little transformation seam and sensitive spot upon his torso, searching for the right places to touch in order to bring him just as much enjoyment as he gave her.
Sephira LOrange Report | 12/31/2012 11:13 pm
Sephira LOrange
"i was born this way" said softly "its a super rare genetic disorder" sighed softly "there has only been 3 other cases, and they have been made into freak show. i dont want that kind of life" said curling up into a ball. "to tell you the truth i ran away from home, came out here. i did run into megatron and made a deal with him" said as tears built up, this was good, she needed to talk about it "i let him brand me, and in return for me working for him, i would work on his troops he sent to me"
Lady LaserStrike Report | 12/31/2012 10:46 pm
Lady LaserStrike
When he spoke those words, she almost lost herself to her desire. But she kept herself from doing so, and simply nodded. "If you would accept me, then I shall be your partner on this journey.." She purred seductively and grinned, she would play now and worry about the repercussions later, wings fluttering as she gazed up at him. Her servos had already begun to lightly explore the expanse of his chestplate while she anticipated his next move, curious to see if he was willing to lead this dance of intimacy.
Lady LaserStrike Report | 12/31/2012 10:31 pm
Lady LaserStrike
"Good.." She purred at him only to begin to laugh softly when he started to nibble at her chin, the attentions moving to her lips and then to her helm, it tickled but in a way that made her suddenly want him more. Her urge to simply push as far as she could with him then and there was practically predatory and it showed in her optics as she fixed him with a sensually hungry look, even when he swept back in to kiss her once more to seal the little proposition he gave her. "I-indeed...expect to be called to my presence often, you and I both know what could come from this..." LaserStrike spoke against his lips, her voice suddenly growing husky with the deepening of her mood.
Lady LaserStrike Report | 12/31/2012 10:10 pm
Lady LaserStrike
The ninja-bot held the kiss for a few minutes before pulling back with a soft giggle, gazing upon him affectionately as she brought her servos up to rest them upon either side of his helm. Her spark was absolutely racing by now and she felt that she didn't have a care in the world as long as this moment lasted. She was content to be like this with him right now, that was all she wanted. "I know I keep repeating this....but I have honestly missed you so very much..." She spoke softly, tempted to go in for yet another kiss but restrained her desire for the sake of letting him lead if he so wished.
Sephira LOrange Report | 12/31/2012 9:49 pm
Sephira LOrange
"well something is off with you like you wanna know something" said softly "you can ask me anything you want"
Lady LaserStrike Report | 12/31/2012 9:48 pm
Lady LaserStrike
LaserStrike suddenly found her companion laying back and being pulled along with him, giggling softly as she settled herself comfortably against him once he had gotten into a comfortable position. And she gazed deep into his optics as he spoke, finding herself easily drawn in by their steady crimson glow, tilting her head in order to press her cheek into his touch. "Oh Blitzwing, you are surprisingly sweet for a battle hardened soldier.....but that is was I like the most about you.." She spoke softly and leaned in to softly kiss his lips once she finished talking, allowing her optics to shutter while she did so.
Sephira LOrange Report | 12/31/2012 9:26 pm
Sephira LOrange
she smiled "i know you wanna ask me something so do so already" chuckled

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Deutscher Gruß

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"Sometimes, it's best to be known for one's enemy."
Blitzwing---Transformers G1: Five Faces of Darkness

Skill: 8
Speed: 9
Strength: 8
Courage: 6
Endurance: 8
Intelligence: 10
Name: Blitzwing
Sub-group: Triple Changer
Alliance: Decepticon-Freelancer
Motto: Destroy first, think later!
Primary Function: Ground Air Commander
Alternate Modes: Type 74 Assault Battle Tank /Grumman F-14 Tomcat
Blitzwing not only has three modes (robot, jet, and tank), he also has three alternate personalities (an "icy" cold strategist calm and collected, a short-tempered "hothead" outraged and out-of control, and a total "random" nutcase hypercritical )They act like three separate beings, but they actually are not. The three personalities are symptoms of his severe schizophrenia. along with the faces rattling around in his head to go with them. All three personalities have a German accent. He's as liable to have a conversation with himself as he is to exchange words with fellow Decepticons.

Triple changer unit 002 a.k.a Blitzwing The ideal commando, subject strikes quickly and ruthlessly, utilizing high-speed transformation ability to jump quickly to the most suitable mode for attack. Subject gladly follows orders as long as it gives him the chance to destroy targets in particularily gruesome fashions. Unit is extremely violent but easy controlled through simple nationalistic propaganda making him an excellent tool of a soldier. Although a loud and belligerent bragger, subject maintains usefulness as long as his aggression and passion continue to be manipulated to serve the Decepticons

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He is a dedicated Ground/Air Commander that lives up to his title, usually being allied by Lugnut or newly found soldiers. He has led soldiers to countless victories with careful going nature and a passion for wages of war and battle. Blitzwing's full expectation of a soldier is to fight along side him in equal terms on the battlefield, but when their presence is in front of Megatron he wants the soldiers in his squadron to be only obedient to him and show him full respect. Other then that, he is known to turn on his own soldiers through an out of controlled schizophrenia that appears to be a processing glitch that happens randomly. Which makes him extremely dangerous over all.

Everyone recognizes Blitzwing for his outstanding strength. His loyalty to Megatron and his comrades. Even though he has multiple personas to him they all regard the same friends with respect /although three totally separate beings/ . Even Warlords have missions, and Blitzwing is known to take full leadership when Megatron is out with his commanders. Although some Decepticons hate to admit, Blitzwing makes a great choice for alpha.
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It may not be apparent to first glance, but his scruffy exterior hides the gentle passionate soldier he really was. In school he excelled in medical categories with re engineering sparklings and other mecha life forms. He was once a child practitioner for the seekers, long ago when the war was young. He was born with the capacity of learning every single battle strategy ever invented by the Techno League, including the Old Testimonial Cyber Ninja training. However, his medical skills are the only thing that has alibied him in the war and kept himself online. It was his profession in the medical studies that kept him and many of his comrades alive during the invasion of Sector 221 which was unfortunately blown up and lost to the rouges. His brother Astrotrain was lost during the assault. He was unable to bring his much loved Triple Changer back to Earth with him and has been furious at the Medical team ever since. He is grateful that all but one survived though.
Blitzwing is loud. He likes to think he has a sense of humor, but what he considers funny is, more often than not, offensively cruel. Obnoxious, belligerent, and nasty, he makes even his fellow Decepticons feel uneasy. His anti-social tendencies can relegate Blitzwing to an outsider status. Due to his social isolation, he's able to see the bigger picture; he can see when his teammates are being played by unseen forces. Of course, if he thinks the trap is amusing enough, he might just let it happen anyway.
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Blitzwing's speech

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"To be a... Decepticon:"
As I lay here in the rubble
They say I am nothing but trouble
I am worthless, I belong to them
Yet there is something I cannot mend
There is this little thought in the back of me
As I finally slip into insanity
From the beating, the torment, a faded memory
That I am better of this and there were better times
With someone... through the thoughts I try to climb
But I fall back down and the walls keeps me a slave
As they keep me in this cell too, which might be a grave
I will surely die in here
With this unsolved riddle in my head...
To be a Decepticon is more to be the bad guy
It is to pledge your spark, and win every time
For once in my life, I thought I had it right
I was reprogrammed into an Autobot once, for almost killing Prime
I had it this close, but it was worth every lie
Every sentence
Every Slur
What have our people become! We are face down in the dirt!
I stand before you here and now, to us, we will be found!
I know it sounds sordid
But you'll be rewarded
When at last I am given my dues!
And injustice deliciously squared!
Come! Decepticons! It's time to stand up!
To these harsh times, I know they may seem abrupt!
But listen to your teacher, I am here to be the preacher!
But we're talking kings and successions
And I am your route to peace and no regression!
Make me your king, and I will lead you to victory!
...Well? What are you waiting for?