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About Tsu? = 7 =

(/ O 7 O)/ Ranatsu here! Also known as Tsurana~ *rolls* Shall edit this page later. This will tell you how often I update this! >T



*ahem ahem* Okay! So voila! My name is Rana~ AKA Tsurana, AKA Ranatsu. I have 2 deviantart accounts that are still active. My sketching account is named, Ranatsu. "Ranatsu". Got that in your head yet? Yes? Okay, now the second account is my main, and I don't think I'll be changing it anytime soon. That account is called, "Tsurana". If I were to make another account for something else, it would be Natsura... That's actually not a bad name.... OFFICIAL, I will make Natsura soon. If I know it's purpose. ; 7 ; If you want, you can watch one my accounts or both, but it's only optional okay? >T Anyway, stop by to say hello! (15/06/2013)

I also have Tumblr, and, yeah, the tumblr account is called, Tsurana~ I was lucky enough to get the name since Tsurana is often used somewhere else in other sites. Though I was surprised to be able to claim the name, I can't wait to use my Tumblr again if I knew what email I used on it... = w = ;;; Stop by to follow though, I am not that active on it. ; 7 ; Say hi! (15/06/2013)

.... Have you ever heard Anipan? Well, if you don't, it's an art site that was developed not too long ago, like a couple months. I wasn't interested in the site so I never really got an account but since in Deviantart, people began to post up journals and polls about "Anipan" and what number they have, I got curious so I made mines. The number for Anipan to find me is 13416. It's a number that is pretty easy o remember because 13 was the year I got it and 416 a number I often got used to using. ; 7 ; Wanna be friends? TT 7 TT (15/06/2013)


Anyways, enough about contacts, I should talk about myself. My name is Tsurana and I'm an average asian girl that doesn't look like an asian girl thanks to my father. I live in a town house in a country somewhere north of the world. I'm quite tall because my father loves to play basketball so I got his jeans. I love to eat sweets, no matter how sweet it is, it won't kill me. My most hated vegetable.... would be.... beans or beansprouts.And I hate eating dumplings because I used to eat them constantly when I was young. I love to draw, both on traditionally and digitally, except I prefer traditionally because it seems to be the easiest to do and is very convenient. I would love to make friends if I can~ ; 7 ; So if you want to be friends, say hi either on the page or PM me. I'll reply as soon as I can~ ; 7 ; (15/06/2013))

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(/ O 7 O)/ I don't know what I'm gonna write/type, but I'm gonna do it anyways out of boredom~ *hides in a hole* Hello~ Nyan~ ?

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