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So, you want to know about Demons, huh? Well, I suppose I can tell you a few things. First off, they don't always come from Hell. Now, I know what you are thinking, where else can the red-skinned horn-headed, pitchfork wielding baddies come from besides the ol H E double hockey sticks? Well, the answer is everywhere. Hell, forgive the pun, you probably created a few yourself.

Yup. Every dark thought, bad deed and ill bit o' will you've cast off on your fellow being makes them. Tiny little things, but then they grow. They eat others of their own kind, absorb their power. That's when things get nasty.

of course as they get older, they can specialize, take new shapes, build all sorts of nifty little bags of tricks.

You know what they can't ever really do though?........Die

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Donna S Troy Report | 05/08/2016 7:17 pm
Donna S Troy
Donna slept through it all. Granted when she did awake it was in a panic as she smelt something or maybe someone burning. Springing out of bed she glanced at the other side, not seeing her husband she ran out of the room. "Lilly?!" Her heart leapt to her throat before her eyes scanned the scene she walked out into. Sitting at the table filled of food was her smiling daughter. A sigh of relief left her as her hand covered her pounding heart.

Suddenly her blue eyes made their way to the other side of he table, where her husband sat adorned with a bow on top of his head. Double taking, hell, triple taking at the site before she chewed her bottom lip to keep from laughing. Her eyes falling back to the table she smiled before her eyes returned to Ramses.
"Did you do all this?" Looking back to him she noticed the burnt clothes before quirking a black brow glancing around the kitchen for the culprit of what caught her husband on fire. "Well only catching yourself on fire is quite the accomplishment." She grinned walking over to him before planting a sweet kiss to his cheek then patting his bow. "You know you should wear this more often." She winked teasingly before looking over the table again. Noticing the breakfast fajitas for each of them she pushed out her bottom lip putting her hand over her heart again. "Crepes and fajitas? Honey.." Donna leaned down kissing his lips this time.
Donna S Troy Report | 06/07/2015 5:46 pm
Donna S Troy
Biting her bottom lip to hold the girlish giggle that bubbled up she grinned. Donna's thumbs working the muscles a little softer as they began to relax under them. "Oh trust me. I'll want you around that long." Wrapping her legs around him she leaned in nipping down his neck. Smirking at his telepathic winks she laughed. "I'm glad you learned that one early on. Most people only realize it when it's too late for them." Donna laughed touching her forehead between his shoulder blades before sighing.
Donna S Troy Report | 04/11/2015 11:26 am
Donna S Troy
((Mhmm.. Almost like they're married or something.))
11-Beast Boy-11 Report | 07/17/2014 5:47 pm
11-Beast Boy-11
Wooooo alright! Score 1 for BB! 3nodding
11-Beast Boy-11 Report | 07/12/2014 11:22 pm
11-Beast Boy-11
Ugh it was supposed to ugh be a . . . surprise? biggrin
Donna S Troy Report | 07/11/2014 9:20 pm
Donna S Troy
Donna grinned turning him around so his back to to her as they relaxed into the water. Her hands resting over his shoulders before massaging her thumbs along them. "No, I think I have you booked solid for the next...hmm..I dunno 100 years at least." She grinned kissing softly between his shoulder blades. "Well then let's hope it doesn't get too hot this summer or you'll be booted from the bed." Donna laughed brushing the bubbles over his shoulders now.
Jzen White Report | 07/11/2014 12:41 pm
Jzen White
Greeting and salutations!
Donna S Troy Report | 07/10/2014 11:11 am
Donna S Troy
She smirked seeing his jaw drop and him at a loss for words. It was a rare moment for her, so she was going to enjoy it. Her blue eyes trailing up his legs to finally meet his eyes. "Oh tomorrow? Well I don't know if that day will work either.." She said with ease. Stepping into the tub she held out her hand as his clothes were folded on the counter. "I thought it was a good idea myself. Now get over here before the water freezes." She laughed now slipping into the bubble filled tub.
Celes Brooks Report | 07/10/2014 11:04 am
Celes Brooks
Getting through his thick skull is not going to be easy since he treats his older brother like s**t even though his brother helps him a lot
Celes Brooks Report | 07/10/2014 10:57 am
Celes Brooks
I swear that kid is going end up saying the wrong thing to the wrong person..well he did to me and this kid is 11 years old .-. no respect




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