Why hello!

This is a, what shall we call it, Independant Secondary Main Account.
What does that mean?
It means I got bored one day and started a new account, but didn't want it to become a mule because that'd be greed having three mules I thought.
So its a stand alone account (no trading between it and my main account Smeagi). It is interesting starting from scratch after four years oMo

So what to know? Well there's a list on my main accounts profile I don't care to re-type, or even copy and paste for that matter, because I'm lazy, but the gist is:
I can only speak English, and that by no means means I can speak it well. I've pretty much given up so now I just spell phenetically to spite the English language...having spell check on my Firefox is a blessing.
I'm in a love hate relationship with Gaia at the moment following the permaban of Eddafred, who you many know won the Profile Spotlight a little while back for his seckxy profile making skills...why anyone would think someone who can make 100k from making someone a profile would bother spending real money on Ebay for Gaia items is completely beyond me...
Gaia you retard.
I live in New Zealand.
I still cling to Gaia because without it I would have nothing but work and Uni, which would kill my glowy thing refered to as a soul. And its already devoured four years of my life.

Stop profile stalking me, or at least comment so I can profile stalk you.
The End.


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Hiroko Kira

Report | 04/25/2008 9:43 am

Hiroko Kira

Thanks for buying and I hope that you enjoy it! smile

Report | 04/23/2008 2:05 pm


Ramiseus Landaveros

Report | 01/29/2008 2:20 pm

Ramiseus Landaveros

Oh, thank you very much, and your most welcome X3

Report | 01/28/2008 7:50 pm


Welcome to Gaia! Thanks for buying from me! biggrin Crystal


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