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Sophomore year is over, getting off of hiatus, please give me some time to get myself together. @w@ I'm still tired from all the studies for exams.

Places I work at::

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Name:: Nicole
Gaia name:: Raiu-Chan [ Puppy, Poopy, Pup, Puppy-rabbit ]
Age:: 16 [[Junior~ I'm getting old... ]]
Brithday:: June 21
Interest:: Anime, Manga, Inuyasha, Bleach, B/C Pets, My friends, My family, J-Anything, Games, My Japanese studies [even though it gets boring sometimes]
Hobbies:: B/C Pets, Drawing, drawing, DDR, swimming, Writing in Japanese :D
Sign:: Gemini [or Cancer... I dunno anymore]
Chinese sign:: Dog
]Favorite color:: Blue.. and green.. I can never decide..
Mostly love:: I love starry things, pets, arts, whatever. Anything Japanese is something I would love too. :>
Favorite Games:: DDR, Kingdom Hearts 1&2, Final Fantasy, Mario Kart, Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, Assassins Creed [1, 2, & all the others!], MGS [Series.... SNAAAAKE~ ♥]
Playstation Network account name:: oOAsians2loveOo [[ Put your gaian name in the message so I know who you are.. XD ]]

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GO GO GO! To my DA account! :D

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Nikki Hylia Report | 11/18/2010 6:13 pm
Hi smile i'm collecting as much rainbow stuff as i can find & i was wondering where you got the rainbow coming out of your mouth from, please leave me a comment or pm, Thanks 3nodding
Katie Boomaroo Report | 07/12/2010 3:37 pm
thanks girly!
Katie Boomaroo Report | 07/11/2010 10:56 am
girl, ive had a gaia!!!! i just made a new one razz
Kiareii Report | 06/18/2010 7:35 pm
-tries in vain to find a puppy-wishlist-
FireGoron Report | 02/23/2010 6:13 am
Raiu-Chan <333 We keep winking back and forth on gk2gk. Why don't you just text me already! 585-208-6674
brekke01 Report | 11/17/2009 6:55 pm
I'm so sorry Puppy. That rush was probably mostly my fault. I know it had to give you a headache and turned something that should have been fun for you into a pain in the butt. Let me know if there's something I can do to make it up to you.
hikarushirou Report | 09/03/2009 12:36 pm
*poke* You alive? I never got the EarthEle Template for Fabbits!... D:
Wolfey Fireborn Report | 06/21/2009 1:22 pm
Happy Birthday
RozeyBear Report | 06/21/2008 10:32 pm

*Tackles Puppers and pours luff on.*



Help me? ;-;

I'm a year old on Gaia now!!<3
Puhterodactyl Report | 06/20/2008 9:08 am
Puppy needs an item wishlist. DD:

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:'D Art by me~

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Pup's Pet Journal

Puppy rabbit wants to eat a..
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Egg Rolls. Something easy for after school hours!

Shop I get my food from::

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