Hello Everyone, My Name Is Hari, Welcome To My Profile. ^^
Name: Hari
Sex: Male
Blood Type: B
Date Of Birth: Jan 5th 1993
Location: UK, Bedfordshire
+Making Friends
+Chatting To People
+Receiving Avi Art
+Listening To Music
+Having Gold
+Helping Others
+Glitching Things
+People Who Talk
+Emo's, Goths, Punks, Etc~
+Stuck Up People
+People Who Insult Friends
+Gaia Whores
+Bad Grammar
-[Pointless Information]-
School Label: Geek, Emo
Pets: Two Cats, A Dog
Favorite Food: Red Apples
Favorite Drink: Coke
Favorite Naruto Character: Kiba Inuzuka
Favorite One Piece Character: Luffy, Tony Tony Chopper
Favorite Death Note Character: Light Yagami, L


Light Yagami's Daily Life

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