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idk how to do an about me i'm sorry
come hit me up on tumblr bc i'm there more often than here ^^ (main) (#2)
i live in america but one day i WILL move to canada i swear
i don't have any talents so i can't really do anything for you (what are you doing here)


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acutely Report | 02/23/2013 11:12 am
rain :3
how are you?
sorry about taking so much time to reply >n<
Like Fine Art Report | 02/22/2013 3:50 pm
Like Fine Art
two words: simply amazing.

i saw iris 1 as a two-story series because the original story and vick's story did yet (mostly) didn't mix as much.

i specifically loved t.o.p's character vick, who's an assassin (and i love assassin characters).
Like Fine Art Report | 02/21/2013 4:20 pm
Like Fine Art
yes!! it was such a great movie but iris is my all time favorite.

the ending is my favorite part... even though t.o.p died sweatdrop but it's just how he died.

he's a kitten in a guy's body. emotion_kirakira

Like Fine Art Report | 02/20/2013 3:04 pm
Like Fine Art
oh yes, yes!!

i like t.o.p more as an actor than a vocalist. redface he's really good and he seems passionate when he's acting.

i also like taeil and zico. ;w; i have all of zico's mixtapes.
acutely Report | 02/19/2013 5:47 pm
mhm? ouo
which name do you prefer most?
Like Fine Art Report | 02/19/2013 3:16 pm
Like Fine Art
deep voices are my thing so yongguk and himchan have been #1 since day 1

yea, i did hear about it. i hope he makes a fast recovery. u.u he didn't need to apologize unexpected accidents happen all the time.
Like Fine Art Report | 02/18/2013 7:14 pm
Like Fine Art
yongguk, himchan, daehyun

i admire zelo for being young with so much talent c:
Like Fine Art Report | 02/18/2013 6:53 pm
Like Fine Art
b.a.p forever!!~~

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x-LaNena-x Report | 02/18/2013 6:17 pm
Yay!! Andd oh I watch when theres nothing on lol and I dont really have time to watch it anyway im a busy busy bee xD Yepp thats mee!
Bethany Kira Report | 02/18/2013 4:50 pm
Bethany Kira
Thanks! ^^ I'll try them all!


you are my person




also pls don't friend me if you've never talked to me like wtf who are you