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Birthday: 01/08/1992

Occupation: Commanding an evil empire of vampire penguins


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ummm hello! I'm Kitty, I'm 16 and I have a pet vampire penguin called Gakuin ^_^ haha uhh that's it I'm pretty boring after that.


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uhhh I don't's about my boring day and weird thoughts....and my crappy poems and songs hahaha prepare for a slow painful death suckers!


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iiSHoCYutE_ Report | 12/29/2008 10:29 am
Long time no talk!!!! smile ))))
AidenParker123 Report | 12/27/2008 1:51 pm
sorry i'm not
AidenParker123 Report | 12/26/2008 12:16 pm
lol i'm not new here just to let you know, i didnt know your name was kitty wait is that your name, so yeah i dont really go to buzznet anymore
AidenParker123 Report | 12/25/2008 10:00 am
um hi this is Darkemo11 ewww i hate my buzznet name sounds fake well whatever, so yeah i searched ya up on gaia, mind if i add you?
JaddziaDax Report | 04/01/2008 1:15 pm
Happy April Fools Day :3
Reina de Cuba Report | 03/16/2008 5:46 am
Yeah, true actually because I was talking most of the time lol. So it didn't feel really like 2 hours. Anyway, yeah me neither, yesterday I was outside for a long time, lol, I like going outside, but its been the winter forever.
iiSHoCYutE_ Report | 02/13/2008 8:04 pm
im good.. U?
Ohayogozaimasu Report | 02/12/2008 8:22 pm
Give this rose


to everyone you care about including me if you care.See if you get a dozen before Valentines Day
JaddziaDax Report | 02/12/2008 5:34 am
awww that sucks ;_; no stress though XD
I'm bored I suppose... not much happens around here O:
iiSHoCYutE_ Report | 02/11/2008 3:56 pm
hello!! ^^

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