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My title is Brigadier General Cid Raines, but you can just call me Cid.

I am the commander of the Wide-area Response Brigade, otherwise known as the Cavalry.

I am the commander of the Lindblum Airship.

I am indeed a l'Cie, my mark being on my right hand, hidden under my glove.

Sup guys?
I guess I should say something about myself here.

About the guy behind Cid

→ My favorite series are Defense Devil, Reborn, Bakuman, Yu-Gi-Oh, and En Passant.
→ My favorite games are the Ace Attorney series, Pokemon, and Starcraft 1/2.
→ My favorite genres of music are classic rock mainly, J-rock, and K-pop.
lol ↳ Usually I stick to those, but I'm pretty much open to anything apart from rap.
→ My favorite movies are Across the Universe, Music & Lyrics, Gladiator, and Hero.

I currently am learning guitar again. Took a year long break from it but now I'm back into it. Before guitar, I used to play alto sax and keyboard.

I'm pretty shy and quiet in real life, pretty anti-social really, but as some of you will already know, I'm always up for a good chat online.

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My bestie drew this for us. 8D

lolwhut you found me!? D:


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