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Gender: Female

Location: Mars, wait. lil green people, harsh forbibing landscape. yup detitly mars

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Occupation: annoying lil doodler

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La Lionne Report | 12/22/2009 2:35 pm
Hey, I re-entered my Concrete Angel avi in the arenas, will you vote?
AnthroScorp Report | 12/08/2009 8:29 pm
copy this to 10 profiles so you can get 10,000,000g it works im rich!!
All we hear is Report | 09/16/2009 8:05 am
Cool. so are you ready for a new school term then
monstermonkey2010 Report | 07/31/2009 7:12 pm
hey have fun with the partying
All we hear is Report | 07/10/2009 12:44 pm
Hun where are yooou?! Haven't seen you since the party sad
FireonYce Report | 06/27/2009 10:27 am
Thank you <3
Star Trekkin Report | 06/27/2009 10:02 am
Daw! thank you! 4laugh You win for recognizing such an uber amazing song! No one gets it. -sad panda-
I love your avi as well. ;3
B i g B a n g FTW Report | 06/27/2009 9:56 am
awhhhs! their so cuute!
i loves your avi.
Princess Heartlily Report | 06/27/2009 8:11 am
Thanks! Yours is quite random! rofl
I like it though! Interesting combination of items!
Newt Skadoo Report | 06/26/2009 9:45 am
Thank you lots. :]

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About stuff that dosnt really bother you in the slightest

Hey-hey! This is Rach the rainbow rat face here, Professional n00b and drama-llama extraordinaire. I am 18, female, 5"4(well 3 an a half), house trained (sort of), single, and I dye me hair ginger...SHIZAM!

I enjoy random profile comments however please don’t spam me as I am vegetarian and thus no use canned meat ...

Special thanks too Ayane1, God Aborted And too The Amazing Make ME who helped me with my 2008 quests for supieour forms and Ara's nest egg smile your awesome!

This years quests (that I kept making backwards progress on):
Fancy White Long Sleeve Sweet Lace Blouse
Enchanted Book FINALLY GOT IT!

According to everyone around me says I have a shizz taste in music, relationships and most over stuff but I does what I likes, and I likes what I do (so long as I’m back home by 9:30.) Did you notice the Mary Poppins ref? Shows you just how mad I am.

One of the things I likes to draw and tektek people. I some times make signs too. However if you PM me asking me too donate, the answer is NO! I’ll donate too who I want to.

Anything else...no? Aright, nap time!