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The Diary of a Unwanted Girl..

Here I write my love,feelings,and crap.


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ayumi hamasaki888 Report | 07/20/2009 7:05 am
ayumi hamasaki888
hi like ur avi um also if theres anything u dont want or need can u plz doanate idc what it is thxs (^_^)
Xparty in your bed roomX Report | 07/05/2009 8:37 pm
Xparty in your bed roomX
hey wats up its me emoxxcookies hi how ya doing do u have anew acocunt?
Sweet Candalish Candie Report | 05/10/2009 10:21 am
Sweet Candalish Candie

How Can You Have a Account with no avi??

Im Just Wondering.

Oh yeah..

How old r u?
Coco_Dinosaur Report | 04/30/2009 8:28 pm
Sorry I just put that clan in the past and I though that you stopped that account.
Clintorus Eastwood Report | 04/30/2009 3:48 pm
Clintorus Eastwood
Not much, just eating an apple and maybe draw, you?

Oh thank you, and your avi is always sexii
Clintorus Eastwood Report | 04/30/2009 3:28 pm
Clintorus Eastwood
hayyyyyyyyyy bby redface
Rated a r r Report | 04/30/2009 7:22 am
Rated a r r
omni drink.. was a april fols joke
Hello Wide Morning Report | 04/20/2009 1:41 am
Hello Wide Morning
did he really sell omni drinks?
Vanishing Into Report | 04/10/2009 5:20 pm
Vanishing Into
You joined us at TAWUAN a while ago, but sadly, you are in danger of being deleted, due to your un-activity. You currently have:

Posts: 0 (none)

Either participate, or get kicked. Out. Sorry if this is harsh, but it is impossible to have a guild that has regular meetings and contests if no one participates. Or your other options :

Reply to this as:

I don't want to be in TAWUAN anymore, because _______

Please don't delete me, I will participate more from now on.

Although, if there is nothing that changes, then you are still out. even if you say to save you, we won't. We need to have an active panel of animals that want to do missions, and contests, and take part in the guild as a member. You currently are not.

Hope to see you around more!


moses 700- Crew Member
Shippou_chan1 Report | 04/03/2009 1:02 pm
hii you look young in those pics xD and why is your avi blank? did a hacker rape you?
Clintorus Eastwood
Rainbow Wood Glen

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This is me! Ok, Lets face it...IM NOT PRETTY!


I did not enjoy this picture. that's why I did funny face xD

I look 5....I KNOW XD. but I'm not.

The night was dark, the air was coldCrept into a house, 'twas haunted, they toldLightning struck, wind whipped her hairShe heard a voice whisper, "Truth or dare?"She'd played the game, the answer always her choice"Dare," she whispered, no change in her voiceThe thing smiled evilly, and her heart skipped a beat"You've made a terrible decision, my sweet."A rusty knife slid out of a sheath from goat"I dare you to hold this to throatPush it back 'til your life slips away,Never again see the light of day..."The last thing she was were two eyes glowing redThe last thing she heard was "Goodbye dear, you're dead."

<3 Cats