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"I am who I am, if I wasn't, why would I say I am?" My favorite quote ever!
Anyways, I'm Brandi.
See those people above this?
Those people are like family to me. Mess with them, and your dead meat in my books.
Aaanyways... like I said, I'm Brandi. I'm 14. I guess that's most of what you need to know, but, one other thing, I'm taken, so don't think about trying to ask me out, okay?

If you REALLY wanna know more, ask me, I don't bite... Maybe... Well, I will if I get a bad e-vibe from ya, but other then that, I'm an all around awesome person to talk to.
Ya gotta love cause I'm a huge dork, literally, it's to hard to hate on me~
Why? Cause you try hatin' on me, I'll just be like "Yeah, what ever." or, I'll just agree with ya xD
Either way, I still win, and gain the better friends then the hatters. So yeah, later peeps, message me if ya wanna know more about me, k?
Btww... I'm in karate bishnitz~

Got some news~
Finally got 1mill for the time time, and spent it within five minutes. On what, you wonder?
On one of the items on my dream avi~
User Image
Last item is the Gothic Harlequin~
Wish me luck, and donate?
I have 380k right now, it won't be long until I have 1mill again... Sooo... Yeah~