You have arrived at rainboot's profile safely.

That's good. See the picture of the woman above? That's me; I'm the Guardian of this profile. I've been waiting for you.

Rainboots might not know that you two are destined to meet... That might make things seem awkward... Why don't I tell you a few things about her?

-- She started Gaia a loooong time ago
-- She is Asian
-- She loves dogs (if you hover your mouse over this section, you'll see the scroll bar appear for this text box)

Phew! Now that that's over, let me direct you to how you can contact her. Remember the picture of me that I told you about? The woman above? Well, beside that picture of me, you'll see three boxes. If you hover your mouse over each box, you will see that they say, "Trade," "Add," and "Message." By clicking each icon, you will be redirected to the right place. Easy as a piece of cake right? ...I wish I knew what cake was... Rainboots always talks about baking, but she never brings me any...

Note: The box next to the left of her media (which is usually a song she's currently into) contains the items on her wishlist.

With that, I believe my Guardian duties have been completed.

Thank you for visiting! Your destiny with rainboots awaits!

    Wish List of Dream Avatar
    Total Value: 70,074,519 Gold
    [Item Information]

    Item List:
    Royal Mariner
    Mercury's Moon
    HoC: Succubus Zivva
    Angelic Pendant
    White Body Dye
    SDPlus #024 Josie
    Ancient Defender
    Reve Marin
    Modus Operandi
    SDPlus #340 Crow the Raven Spirit


Book of Shadows: My Own

This is my book of shadows. What is there more to say? Most likely, they're of my feelings of the past, things that are merely shadows....



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Report | 01/03/2009 7:23 pm


Homegirl, write me! Dont be a hater! Lol

Report | 12/26/2008 8:12 pm


hi i like to now wat ur selling

Report | 12/26/2008 7:56 pm


ohh woops i just looked in mp how much it costs User Image

Report | 12/26/2008 7:53 pm


160k for kiki?

Report | 11/10/2007 1:26 pm


hi. xD

ur pro's so bright it's blinding O_O but kool. ha
Sin el Cielo

Report | 11/09/2007 10:57 pm

Sin el Cielo

I guess lol
Sin el Cielo

Report | 11/09/2007 4:24 pm

Sin el Cielo

Uh, no I didn't. I don't really remember who did it, but its not mine, I just use it.

Report | 10/08/2007 9:42 pm


Drive by comment. =P Lol, been forever since I commented, I just had to. I hope you are well. ^_^
Mister Whale

Report | 08/21/2007 11:33 pm

Mister Whale

I see a man that looks similar to me up thar.


I think I'm going to combust with jealousy

I look better in the chef hat anyway!

Super Paxxy

Report | 08/19/2007 11:15 pm

Super Paxxy

omigoshthanks. :3


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