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All bout me!

Hey my name is Rowanne (Row-an) Hill. I am 23 years old, going to be 24 in December. I love meeting new people and hanging out with my friends. I love to play video games (Xbox 30, Xbox Original, PC) and I also like to draw a lot. Preferably with my pen and pencil.

I am in a relationship with Matt Ball. We have been going out for a little over 5 months now and he is the best thing that has happened to me right now. He is very understanding and very supportive. I am so happy to have him in my life. He is just what I needed in this time of hard ships. I love you so much Matt Ball!

I am currently Jobless, been since September. I am looking for work to do.

Here is a little bit about myself;
My body type
Sexuality - Bisexual
Hair - Natural hair color is dirty blonde, my current hair color is Blonde bronze color with some light brown patches.
Eyes - Blue
Weight - Weight when I was 41 weeks 151 pounds, after birth 138 pounds, before pregnancy 110 pounds. my goal is to get back down to at least 120-115 pounds.

Things that I like;
Drinks - Mike's hard lemonade, Miller light (rarely), Margarita (Black Raspberry from chili's), Mountain Dew, Coffee, Lattes, and HUGS.
Food - Roman noodles, Pocky, Rice, Tuna, Eggs Salad, Chinese, Pizza, Mac and Cheese, and the Volcano Burrito from Taco Bell.
Video Games
Hanging with friends

Things I do NOT like;
People who act better than others
Emo haters
Miley Cyrus
Justin Bieber
Friends that stab you in the back
Broken Promises
people who can not take a no
People who is all about sexual intercourse
People who sexually harass others
When people do NOT take me seriously
When others assume the truth
When people believe in the rumors about myself
The list goes on...




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Welcome to my dummy account for random crap. The avatar that is sitting next to me is my actual account so add me on there if you wish. :)