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I've been on Gaia for about five years, and while I've lost interest in the games and guilds I find this a valuable resource for the forum activity, and frequent the Artist Ally, just to see whats up. This is the only 'computer/gamer' thing I let myself get sucked into, as I prefer being out doors in the fresh air. I like changing my avatar frequently and enjoy the many different comments I get because of it. I detest people who use the internet as their own little soap opera and those who give them attention for their misguided behavior.

I'm currently working on becoming an MA. I've been studying two years college Japanese, and if you so feel you are more than welcome to chat with me. (But forgive my awful kanji skills...)

I also enjoy the arts, and if you feel interested you can come check out my Deviant Art. I am working on a lot of skills so I can start commissioning, as you might have guessed if you ran into me in the Art Forums.


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greenmonkey96 Report | 02/13/2012 6:50 pm
do you draw art?? (: heart
Littlecrystalsnowflakes Report | 05/14/2011 11:01 am
aww crap i can't remember oao
The Dandy Lions Report | 05/09/2011 1:04 pm
The Dandy Lions
Thanks for buying!
Raging Peanut Report | 04/20/2011 1:15 pm
Raging Peanut
Haha okay. XD

And this book was made into a play or something, right? o: 'Cuz I've heard about it in commercials and stuff.
Raging Peanut Report | 04/20/2011 12:52 pm
Raging Peanut
Sounds interesting. =D
Who's the author?
Raging Peanut Report | 04/18/2011 7:26 pm
Raging Peanut
Hahaa... razz well anyway, I'll check out that book you were talking about. Just to see if it's good. biggrin
Raging Peanut Report | 04/18/2011 5:02 pm
Raging Peanut
I think we're talking about two completely different series here... o.o
I'm talking about this book:
User Image
Raging Peanut Report | 04/18/2011 3:49 pm
Raging Peanut
Oh cool. XD I haven't read the whole series yet, though... I've only read up to the 2nd book.
My friend says the last 2 books suck. O__o
Did you read 'em?
Raging Peanut Report | 04/18/2011 3:28 pm
Raging Peanut
LMAO. Wicked Lovely? Like the book? XD
AshesToRoses Report | 02/12/2011 1:41 pm
Thanks for the purchase~

Seriously, I love what I do, you won't be disappointed! :)

Lovely Sisters :)