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Report | 01/07/2009 7:51 pm


Happy Birthday Emy!!!

You better get your license soon before the bring out the new law.
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Report | 01/04/2009 10:33 am

J ii N G Y u L i

OMG its your b-day in three days!!


(just in case your late for it lol)

graaah gotta get you pressie ;DD

&& are you turning 15?!
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Report | 01/01/2009 8:16 am


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Report | 12/20/2008 5:55 am


I GOT DAMP DAN! His name is Cole.
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Report | 12/19/2008 8:37 pm


Holy snap emy! u have so much stuff on ur character O_O
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Report | 12/09/2008 5:45 pm


:3 muhahaha! whts up?
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Report | 12/07/2008 3:09 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

x3 yup! Vampire Knight 2, Gentlemen's Alliance 7 and Negima 6 and 7!

well...i guess the best thing to do is just ignore and avoid her then.

>< oooh i can't wait to see it!!!

haha wow nice! What book would that be?
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Report | 12/05/2008 4:46 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

haha yeah xD

hmm yeah, that makes sense. OMG yess i got more mangas WOOT!! xD

Your welcomes~ mm i see. will things won't stay like that forever, i'm sure. Its so frustrating when people misunderstands each other and stuff. LMAO hey i've delt with stress from friends before, mostly in elementary and middle school! Haha, but after i move, there hasn't been much drama like that in my life now. =.= its a bit boring! O.O" whats B.P.D.

Oh well, i've kinda had some clingy friends before, just not that clingy. But its probably just their habit, probably just soemthing shes always done and thought it was ok...
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Report | 12/05/2008 12:19 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

haha cool! x3 tell him i said hi back!


ooh i see. hmm why are stuff in canada expensive?

aaah no! haha what ever problems you have you always got to tell someone, lol i'm not annoyed by this! anyways that really sucks, Dx i've never had friends like that. But if i did i would just tell her what she is doing wrong and if she still doesn't understand, idk. I'll just tell her what i don't like what shes doing and stuff. or maybe just not be her friend anymore. O.o you don't think shes a lesbe right? *sighs* that sucks Rai-chan, i hope your friend comes to understand you sooner of later.
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Report | 12/05/2008 12:03 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

whoops! sorry about the last sentence. but yeah, haha i'm working on it xD
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Report | 12/05/2008 12:02 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

haha it seems that he bumped into me from your profile xPP

hehe yup!

really?! i thought he looked a bit like L xD

WOW really?! haha i'm so coming to Canada!!

aawwee really... i'm sorry *hugs* when i get pissed off i'm always listening to music or something like that. xD

OH YEAH! MY URBAN! And Ulquiorra and Orihime! >< I forgot them completly...
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Report | 12/04/2008 6:37 pm


-Reads profile- YAY! I make your room smell like crap xD
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Report | 12/04/2008 3:47 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

haha you wanted me to draw one of your characters, i think her name is Urban. And a couple pic of those two Bleach characters. <3

xD OMG really?! Thats GREAT!!! aah don't things in Canada cost alot? o.o

ooh i see, Dx your right! I'm so glad you were on!! hehe most of our juniors and sophomores went on a university trip too. I didn't go though, my friends didn't too so yeah. GEH! that sucks, haha gaia was blocked several times at my school but we got it back anyways~

O: waah nuu is Yunogiri~ (<33 she says "Hi" back and lets you play with Giri - HER STUFFED ANIMAL!) hehe D; uh oes, whats your son's name again? Hotaro? Hataro....

OMFG i LOVE your profile xDD hehe black&&white color themes are my favorite, especially the awesome designs on your header~ -gasp- *read part of your profile* i was your first friend on gaia O.O awwe *hugs back* LoL thanks for adding me on there ><

Hehe ok sure, i'll choose abstract and colors would be ... hmm ... why not x3 yellow and white! Lol i'm feeling good for bright colors right now 8D!
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Report | 12/04/2008 12:26 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

x33 hahaha thanks soo much Raine!!! *tackle hugs*

OMGOSH i still haven't finished your freebies D; yeah thats a long time too.

OH well guess we're even then, i gotta get working~

hmm...i haven't really actually seen an indian restruant either, i asked my friend if she ever had samoso or roti and she didn't know what they were. O.o

ooh x33 sounds nice!! LMAO i'm hungry too uuuggghh... i'm at school right now and lunch is in 10 mins. ><

mmm i really don't know right now. hehe just make whatever you want, i'll still love it. ><
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Report | 12/04/2008 11:43 am

J ii N G Y u L i

LMAO yeah! hehe i just got one xDD her name is Yunogiri!

I got the "giri" from Onigiri x33

O___O whaa really?! OMG my b-day past a long time ago already, haha you don't need too!! x]

haha thats good! wow really, thats cool!! NO i never even heard of these or ate them before!!

OMG i'm so curious now. Are they really good?
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Report | 12/03/2008 2:49 pm

J ii N G Y u L i

LMAO you are very welcomes my dear Rai-chan!~

haha i like how you said you had a gaia son >< i'm thinking i want one now!! xDD

your welcomes!! x33 *hugs* glad to help!

OMG! noo you shouldn't have to!! You should go and make more profiles to replace the ones you've lost! O:

WOOW xDD i like it!! Love the quote btw~

haha niiice~ sounds yummeh!

now that i think of it, i don't think i've ever eaten indian food before.
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Report | 12/03/2008 2:17 pm


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Report | 12/02/2008 3:03 pm


5 times grounded!!! BAD BAD YOUNG LADY!!
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Report | 12/01/2008 8:41 pm

J ii N G Y u L i


aww *hugs* i'm so sorry for you~

=.= i know, those damn f****** can go suck someone's d**k!

aah i see, whats takeout? LMAO me too xD
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Report | 11/30/2008 10:26 am


i know


hackers have no life

and my account was missevilgirl_69

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