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This Avatar is roughly based on my originalcharacter Raijin Loraine
Please do not copy or steal his design!
It would make me very mad. And trust me. That wouldn't be very comfortable for you. I have my connections to hunt you down.

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Please stop sending me friend requests if you havn't even talked to me once. And that doesn't include a lil "Hey! Nice avi/art/halo/DJs/whatever omg you look so rich lets be friendz!!" I will cancel all friend requests of people I don't know. If I wan't to be your friend, I will send the request. So leave it be.

AVI ART and Commissions...
Closed! Please don't ask!
I won't do AviArt for Gaiagold, except for really high Bribes and that doesn't mean I'm going to accept it if you bribe me. It depends on my mood and freetime.
I won't reply to questions like "Can I buy Art?" or "Plz draw me?!" or anything like that. If you can't read all this, it's your fault. Don't expect a polite reply if you beg for art from me. Those PMs will be deleted on sight.

Something about the Person:

Known as: - Saya / Sayael
Age: - 22
Birthdate&Place: - 25. December, Germany
High: - 159cm
Weight: - ~47kg
Hair: - Blond, short, fuzzy
Eyecolour: - Brown/green/Grey

The Person likes:
… I draw 8D
… Jewerly/Accessories: Necklaces, Chains, earrings, green, scarfs, etc...
… Animals: Bunnys, Owls, Snakes, Sharks, Spiders, Cats, Reptiles, etc...
… Silence, Sleep, Nighttime, Thunderstorms
… MMORPGs: RagnarokOnline , Guildwars(2), Dragonica, Jade Dynastie,
… Anime/Manga, Art, Illustration of almost all kind
… Her Notebook. It's my baby!
… Her friends

The Person hates:
… Stupid, ignorant people, Scammer, Spam, Noobs, Hacker, etc...
… Art Thiefs, Copycats, Mobbing
… World of Warcraft
… Other things. You'll see if you annoy me.

The Person gives Thanks to:
… Chalitto, Charon Paroth, Elvokeks and Andrew Lawrence <3
… Selenlanoir, Arwen, Prodigy Bombay, Dark Prinz, Crisscoula, Losuni <3
… Everyone who donated to me when I got hacked
… DJ-Quest Helpers
… Budgie, Bara-chan, Wen-M, Silencieux and Noxy for helping me with the Art Auction!
… B R A I N for lending me his Halo & NM Wings <3

♪ I love you, my friends!♪


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Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it!


Raijin Loraines Love belongs to Umah Yusan only.


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Report | 12/25/2013 6:50 pm


I miss you .... but Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas heart

Report | 05/12/2013 1:36 pm


" May I ask which item you currently have on that has the 'Eyes'? "

Report | 01/20/2013 9:48 am


lol I understand fully, I just thought I'd try my luck and get rid of items to get something semi-decent out of it smile

Do you have skype at all? Just so I could ask you about drawings and such.

I never knew you were a girl! o: (A pretty one at that wink )

If you'd rather not skype that's fine too, Duncan Crawford has always been a favourite of mine smile

Not too much going on, snowing here in England now so had some fun biggrin
Quit my job just before Christmas so I'm back looking as well as playing different, better games than GaiaOnline razz lol

Report | 01/19/2013 9:07 am



i dont know if you remember me, but maybe you remember the art you did for me? (in my profile gallery)

Not sure if you even still use GaiaOnline, but I was wondering if you would take an art request for items/gold of 30mil+ for a couple/realism/background of characters from a different place?

Also, un friendlike of me not to ask, how've you been? (:

it's been like almost 3 years since I last played on here lol.

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Vera Vivanco

Report | 11/09/2012 10:14 pm

Vera Vivanco

No problem!
Vera Vivanco

Report | 10/29/2012 4:09 pm

Vera Vivanco

Hello! I saw your artwork on DeviantArt while I was surfing the web today, and I wanted to say that I think your art is fantastic!
I love your little poison birds, they have to be my favourite out of your work.
Anyways, Just wanted to compliment you on your art. Have a nice day. <3
Dark Prinz

Report | 08/13/2012 3:38 am

Dark Prinz

Sayaaa! You still on Gaia sometimes (: ?

If you are, would you be interested in doing a commission for me sometime again n 3 n ?

Let me know : D Thanks <3

Report | 04/17/2012 8:09 pm


this okay

thank you for comment back !


i am already happy that you talk to me


Report | 04/05/2012 12:18 am


I was just wandering can I be your friend on gaia

maybe stalking you some time and say hi to you some times

you can say no !

but I was thinking maybe I should ask you B4 send you a friend request! !

sorry if I ask too much !

Report | 03/01/2012 10:48 pm


hi I been watching you on DA for almost over a year I think!

I was afraid of say hi to you cuz my english is not that good

I just want to say thank you for all the amazing art you did

I love you OCs and you art style heart


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