"Ichigo...I hate the rain. Rain falls in this world, too. When your heart is in chaos, this sky becomes clouded. When you are sad, rain falls so terribly easily. Can you understand...the horror of being pelted by rain in this solitary world? If only to stop that rain, I shall lend you any strength. If you trust in me, I will let no rain fall in this world. Ichigo, trust me. You are not fighting alone."
- Zangetsu "Bleach"

"After all, there's nothing but fear reflected in your sword.
When you dodge, "I'm afraid of getting cut".
When you attack, "I'm afraid of cutting someone".
Even when you try to protect someone; "I'm afraid of letting them die".
Yes, your sword only speaks to me of absurd fear.
That's not it.
What's neccesary in a fight isn't fear.
Nothing can be born from that.
If you dodge, "I won't let them cut me".
If you protect someone, "I won't let them die".
If you attack, "I'll cut them."
- Urahara

"We reach out with our hands
Brush away the clouds and pierce the sky
To grab the moon and Mars
but we still can't reach the truth"
- Bleach

I will become stronger, and then next time, I will protect you without fail.
- Ichigo

"Don't use such strong words. They make your weakness that much more apparent."
- Aizen

Never admit defeat and ask for a quick death! Die first, then admit defeat! If you are defeated but didn't die, it just means you were lucky! At those times, think only about survival! Survive and think only about killing the one who failed to kill you!
- Kenpachi Zaraki

Kurosaki-kun... I've many things I want to do. I want to be a teacher, I want to be an astronaut, I want to open a cakeshop, I want to go to the donut shop and say "give me everything!", I also want to go to 31 icecream and say "give me one scoop for each flavour!"
ah~hh...if only i have 5 lifetimes. then i can be borned at different places, eat different things for those 5 times..have 5 different type of jobs..and..
for those 5 times...i'll fall in love with the same person...
- Orihime

"Forget your fear. Look forward. Walk forth. And never stop. Turning back will only get you old. Cowardice will cause your death."
- Zangetsu

"If it was defeat, you need to train harder! If it was about your companions, then you need to reseal those promises after becoming a more virtuous man! If it's about your hollow... then just become strong enough until you can shatter it in an instant! The "you" that still lives on in my heart, Ichigo... would do exactly that!"
- Rukia

User Image

What color is your Aura?


Purple has long been a color esteemed in western society. Regarded as the color of royalty and imperial power, it has also been connected to ideas of pride, wealth, grandeur, and justice. Perhaps stemming from its previous association with royalty, purple also became the color of courage and honor. Perhaps there is good reason why the words "purple" and "perfectionist" start with the same letter... An individual with a purple aura will almost inevitably be marked by the exceptionally high expectations and standards they set for themselves and sometimes for others as well. They tend to find themselves cast into roles of leadership, often by choice, although some simply fall into it or are even dragged kicking and screaming. Once in a position of responsibility, however, they take their duty very seriously. Intensely loyal, doggedly stubborn, and fiercely passionate about their beliefs, opinions, and attachments, individuals with a purple auras tend to be highly polarizing figures; people either love them wholeheartedly or hate them eternally. They leave little room for middle ground. Purple auras have to guard against a hyper-inflated sense of self, but they also must be careful not to subconsciously set themselves up for failure by putting the bar impossibly high. These are not individuals who tend to handle such things as failure or rejection from loved ones well. For as strong as they appear on the outside, they tend to be surprisingly fragile within and can suffer numerous, severe breakdowns throughout their lives. However, they are a resilient lot and of a norm tend to rebuild once the storm and its destruction has passed.

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The Ultimate Final Fantasy Classes Quiz (Part Two: Warriors)

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You are the Dark Knight! The Dark Knight is the powerful and mysterious warrior that wields the mighty two-handed swords and mysterious power. They are known for being powerful in every sense of the word. At times they are power-hungry brutes that seek dominance and to rule with the fear of their subjects and absolute authority - essentially an archetypical villain. Others are more Batman type figures; they are noble, courageous, and undeniably good, but far darker, more mysterious, and more prone to the use of slightly cruel measures in their quest for justice than their Paladin brethren. Their special abilities are usually powerful offensive sword techniques, offensive magic (like fireballs or lightning bolts), HP, MP, or stat draining spells, or self-sacrificing moves (i.e. hurt oneself to unleash a devastating attack).
The Dark Knight is introverted, independent, rather intelligent, and not very emotional. They are strong-willed, mysterious, difficult to fool, ambitious, reserved, competitive, courageous, intelligent, dedicated, and determined. Unfortunately, they are also a little anti-social, very hard on themselves, and/or a little untrusting. The Dark Knight usually plays the role of Batman like hero, the leader, or at times the villain. Note the ambiguity of the picture: is the obviously evil skull the symbol of the Dark Knight or is it the symbol of his foe, taunting the tragic hero onward?
The Dark Knight is usually seen in a suit of black armor, with an intricate surcoat, and a dark cloak or cape. Their weapon of choice is the two-handed sword, or at times a scythe. Their element is fire, their colors black, silver, and gold, and their animals the panther and dragon. They are seen in Final Fantasy II (Leon), IV (Cecil), VIII (Squall?), Tactics (Gaff Gafgarion), and XI.

Take this quiz! Or take part one.

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What does your aura look like?

Troubled Sky

You are the sky before a storm, or a clear blue sky surrounded by dark clouds all around. Your life seems perfect on the outside, but closing in is a fate you're unsure of. You're most likely troubled and though you think you are over something, there might be darkness just on the horizon. Personality-wise, you're probably a generous and fun person with a dark secret that keeps you awake at night.

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Which Anime Heroine Are You?

You're Misuzu Kamio from Air!
Although you may appear to be a dreamer and a bit childish to most people, those few who manage to get close to you know that it's just a mixture of innocence and insecurity. Being shy and insecure, you spend a lot of time alone, staring at the clouds, daydreaming, and feeling the wind in your face. You do have a few close friends, or perhaps one best friend, which gives you real perspective on the real value of love and friendship. You're quite attached to the friends you have and would do anything to make sure they enjoy being with you

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Are You Beautiful/What Color is Your Soul?

everyone is beautiful-blue

color-blue / object-the caribbean sea / occupation-pilot or astronaut / personality-you hate uniformity and crave the freedom the sky or open space can give you. you like to show people up and prove them wrong when they say you cant do something. you are extremely competitive.

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What does your aura look like?

Violet Aura
You are often thought of as the mysterious stranger. People don't dislike you, but don't really know who you are, because you are reluctant to give anyone clues to your life. What most people don't realise it that you are actually quite scared of them. You don't feel comfortable in the limelight and would far rather be in the shadows, where no one can see you and judge you. Despite being so secretive, you are actually very interested in people and humanity in general. You tend to observe people rather than joining in with them. Something inside you just doesn't feel secure around others. Maybe you have very low self-esteem or maybe you are just very shy. Not even you, knows who you are really.

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What type of art are you?

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You're more on the quiet side, but once people get to know you they become really good friends with you. You like just about everyone, even if you don't really talk to them. You live in a little bit of a fantasy world and sometimes space out.

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What is your soul hiding from the world (Bleach pics! 7 detailed results)

User Image
You hide fear that your friends will reject you. You have done nothing wrong, and yet you are always paranoid that the ones you love will find some reason to abandon you. You are a very caring and compassionate person. You have much love to offer to all your friends, though you may not always know how to express your true feelings. You are constantly entertaining your friends and finding new ways to make them laugh. You are highly respected and yet you can't help but feel a certain distance from even your closest friends. You sometimes feel left out, even when you're included like you think you don't belong. You are the Insecure Friend.
Your element: Water
The color of your aura: Orange
Your wants/likes: Hanging out with your friends, being accepted, protecting the ones you love.
Your needs: A sense of security, possibly from someone you have feelings for.
Strengths: You are very entertaining, charismatic, and fun. Easy to get along with.
Weaknesses: Your insecurity sometimes makes others feel like you are distant from them.
Deepest fear: Being abandoned by your friends and left alone.
Your Bleach song: Sakura Biyori - Mai Hoshimura

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What is your innner power?

User Image
Your inner power is Ice. You're not intentionally cruel or cold, but somehow you come across that way. You really are a nice person beneath the rough exterior, and will happily become friends with almost - almost - anyone. You probably dislike pink and like dark colors; could it be because they're calming? You rarely open up to anyone except your closest friends, and then you almost bare your soul. Almost. You keep your innermost and most sorrowful thoughts your own, just like most other people. You like being unique, and prefer to flaunt that aspect of yourself. Unfortunately, this also means that you snap at people who insult you, and then make half-truths on the spot for reasons why you did so. You are steadfast in your decisions and will not look the other way unless given several great reasons to do so. You also probably believe - if not completely - in magical deities, and like reading fictional works. One of the few reasons you'll do something that you don't want to do is to save someone you really care about. That is one of the many great qualities you possess.

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