You can call me Rae.

"Never be afraid. Or if you are, tell no one."
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"I swear it to this day. Sweet glory. The secret of flight is this--you have to do it immediately,
before your body realizes that it is defying the laws."


Life happened. I come back sometimes, but rarely and intermittently. Ask me where you can find me now - there's an 80% chance I'll gladly tell you. I love and miss you all.

I enjoy horror in all its forms, medieval literature, writing, and video games. I'm strangely fond of the history channel.

Noel Vermillion of the AMC
#1 Noel Vermillion Fan/BlazBlue OST Expert/Most Obnoxiously Obvious BlazBlue Fanwhore
#1 Fan of Things Lexi Ends Up Fanwhoring Over a Month Later
#1 Joey Jones/Lina Davis Fan (on Lina Davis)
#1 Heroman Fan, shared with Ero
Cat Lady of the AMC, named by Jackie in 2006 ;___;

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I really like art.

I was there before you were. Leave it alone.