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-II mioamore II- Report | 01/19/2015 4:27 pm
Thank you for the sweet xmas gift heart

I hope you had a lovely holidays and new year~
demon_shiska Report | 12/21/2014 7:34 pm
Hi Rae! How are you>
OMGosh you look adorable heart
Madd Toxxi Report | 07/16/2014 7:07 am
I heart it!. You are so amazing!
-II mioamore II- Report | 02/16/2014 10:57 pm
I'm glad to hear you're doing alright. Ice works wonders. Try to stick to warm showers instead sweatdrop
-II mioamore II- Report | 02/16/2014 10:44 pm
Ouch! Hope you put some ice on your hand(s)! >_<;;
Madd Toxxi Report | 02/15/2014 12:36 pm
Not as pretty as you blaugh heart
-II mioamore II- Report | 01/27/2014 7:51 pm
Hehe, now you look quite lovely. Makes me wish it were spring where I live sweatdrop
-II mioamore II- Report | 01/26/2014 6:50 am
oh my, you look so rather gloomy there ) :
-II mioamore II- Report | 01/21/2014 1:40 am
Whoa you're definitely going through a lot, too! I wish you the best on the possible promotion!
I'm hoping to get my licenses this year and save up until I can buy my own car.

I was laid off late last year due to budget cuts and I have been depressed over it.

Like you, I'm trying to get myself back on track and check off a few stuff in our "list" emotion_brofist
-II mioamore II- Report | 01/21/2014 1:24 am

Yeah definitely. Trying to be neater and working out - eh, just to name a few.

You? Any resolutions?

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