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  • Name: Yasu
  • Nickname: Rabbit, Slacker, Lazy, Glutton (All given to him by Fox)
  • Race: Hare of Inaba (Rabbit Spirit)
  • Age: 500 or 600 years old, he stopped keeping track awhile ago. He only looks like he's in his 20's
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 195 lbs
  • Skin Color: Very Light Tan
  • Hair Color: Mint Green
  • Eye Color: Orange
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Scar down his right eye, orange tribal tattoos on his forehead, cheeks, shoulders, and arms, pale yellow sclera.

  • Powers: Yasu may be flighty and finicky, but he's a formidable opponent in the martial arts, studying Kempo and Wing Chung extensive over quite a few centuries. While not as strong as any of the Guardian Deities, he can hold his own against stronger than average spirits. He has heightened speed and reflexes, as well as unearthly hearing. He can never be surprised or have anyone sneak up on him because he can hear even the subtlest things within a 20 ft radius of himself. He has powers of teleportation and can work teleporting magic for others, typically in charm form as he did with the Ryokan's Charm Garden, allowing others to quickly move from the Ryokan to other shops and locations. Also combined with a very strong warding magic he also possesses, he can banish unruly and disruptive spirits off the shrine premises, acting as sort of a bouncer for Fox and Piston.

  • Favorite Colors: He prefers most dark or bold colors such as orange, dark purple and blue, teal, dark green, and yellow.

  • Least favorite Colors: Most extremely bright for florescent colors like bright greens or purples, pinks and most pastel colors (except on women, he finds those paticularly attractive).

  • Likes: Women, Pretty Women, Flirting, Eating, Ramen, Tempura Vegetables, Yakitori, Dango, Sushi, Sweets, Junk Food, Food in general, Relaxing and Sleeping, Kempo and Wing Chung, Sparring, Gambling, Pictures of himself, Cherry Blossoms, Handing out souvenirs, Writing poetry (although it's usually terrible), Parties and Festivals, Decorations, Handsome and Traditional Clothes (especially that show off his chest, he's rather proud of his physique), Presents, Snow, Green tea, Pretty China, Entertaining, Being pet or having his hair played with.

  • Dislikes: Working, Being teased, Losing, Being caught off-guard, Lies, Being hungry, Being scolded, Waking up early, Being serious, Finishing things, Having his ears tugged or hair pulled, Being asked about the scar on his face

  • Personality: Yasu is also a complete social butterfly, flitting from one patron to another to bestow a wink or a sly remark. He's entirely playful and will seek out any opportunity to flirt and lavish on ladies. However, when confronted by someone he is truly attracted to, Yasu loses all composure and he becomes akwardly aware of his actions and clumsy. Not knowing how to deal with this makes him even more uneasy and his first instinct is to escape the situation as quickly as possible. He cares deeply, however, and despite his coquettish behavior, is utterly loyal.
    He considers himself very well trained and while a good fighter, he usually likes to toy with his opponent if he considers himself their superior, as he finds it more fun to play with them. This also gets him into quite a bit of trouble as his bravado can sometimes lead him to underestimate his opponent. Combined with his flirty behavior, he's gotten a serious reminder of knowing his place which he will NEVER discuss on his own accord, but is left evident by the scar across his right eye. If asked, he has a thousand and one fantastic, heroic stories of how that scar came to be, none of them are true of course.

  • Background: Yasu was a wayward spirit, having spent most of his life skipping from one enjoyment to another, thinking only of his next amusement. Only concerned with whatever he desired next, Yasu would make outlandish promises to deities and spirits alike. Claiming that he could procure them grand things with his abilities or that he would perform services for them, in exchange for all kinds of wondrous delights, but rarely coming through in the end even after receiving his payment in advance. Eventually his flippant ways caught up with him, after irritating the wrong deity he was captured and presented with the option to be forced into servitude as punishment or to pay for his insolence with his life. He chose servitude and the guardian shisa, Piston was named his watchdog as she was also watching over another rogue deity at the time.Although he saw servitude as absolutely distasteful and opposite his way of life, it was obviously better than death and soon he has come to enjoy his time working in the shrine and ryokan run by the strange kitsune deity Fox and his guardian shisa, Piston. While they encourage him to perform his duties as steward with some conviction, he is free to eat delicious foods and enjoy the company of patrons, something he never tires of. He now does quite a few jobs for Fox at her ryokan, ranging anywhere from bouncing out unruly patrons to bookkeeping and errand running. He doesn't seem to mind though, now that he's got a nice roof over his head, three (if not more) square meals a day, and all the pretty patrons he could possibly flirt with.

  • Residence: Fox & Hound Shrine

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Art by ZyriFrost


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.Hare of Inaba Spirit.
.Ramen Fiend.

Humble servant of the:
Fox & Hound Shrine


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