Hi Everyone For Those Of You Who Don't Know Me My Name Is Diego I'm 15 Years Old And My B-Day Is Feb 28 & Live In Texas, Music & Skateboarding Are My Passions I Also Love Drawing And Hanging Out With My Band Mates Yes I'm A Musician I Play Many Instruments Such As The Guitar And Drums & The Trumpet Oh Yeah And Cello I'm Not The The Best But I'm Alright & I'm Going Too Be Freshman This Year So Yeah I'm A Fishy, I'm Single & Currently Looking For The Right Girl I Want Someone Who Has Good Priority's In Life And Doesn't Give Up Looks Aren't Everything Too Me But It's A Bonus Well I'm Told That I'm Out Going And That I Can Have A Little Temper But For The Right Reasons And I Am A Really Nice Person Once You Get Too Know Me I Have Much Respect Towards The Feminine Side I'm Not Like Other People I Don't Like Being Labeled I Am Who I Am And That's That So Don't Label Me Or Attempt Too Change Who I Really Am I Love The Outdoors But Indoors I Love Too Play Video Games And Be On The Computer I'm Not Your Everyday Wannabe Macho Tough Guy Even Though I Don't Back Down But I Don't Just Fight For Any Reason It Has Too Be A Good Reason So If You Wanna Know More Feel Free And Ask I Will Tell You What You Wanna Know Depending On What It Is And Add Me If You Want Don't Be Shy I Don't Bite!!! biggrin D