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My name is Marlena, but people call me Marley (because I have an odd taste for Reggae, especially Bob Marley). I am an Anglophile. It's a sickness, I swear. I am spoken for, so don't even try. I am twenty years old and a Theater Major at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Oh, the life of a college student is a rough one, but I don't need to tell you that. I am a vegetarian/pescatarian and I do not approve of or believe in violence. I am a stressball and a dramaqueen, but my friends love me nevertheless. Don't tell me that Hogwarts doesn't exist and that The T.A.R.D.I.S. isn't real, because I won't believe you. I have worked in a library for five years and I love to read. I love all music except country. Yes, I do listen to dubstep, and it is the uber-sex genre of music. Oh, and I am a proud crazy Corgi owner. His name is Sir Niles and he is the Samwise to my Frodo. Lastly, I am currently taking a break from Facebook for personal reasons, and I do realize that this makes me a boring freak, but oh well.

Everything fun in life is bigger on the inside.
think you can keep me entertained?
Ask for it, weenie. 'Cause I'm the sh!t.

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Apprentice Charm
Jack Frost
Prince of Icy Thieves
White Babydoll Gloves
Zodiacal 3rd Gen.
Silver Mystic Aquamarine
Doki Doki Deito
Zodiacal 2nd Gen.
Antique Shop 7th Gen
March Birthstone Sash
Erlking Ears Type B

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