edit: 11/14/07
Goodbye anyone who cares..
If anyone cares, I'm not going to be on Gaia for a very long time..
I'm possibly quitting..
So, just thought I'd let you guys know..

edit: 9/13/07
Love. Someone a long time ago once asked me what love is, and I never had the chance to answer, and now I've finally got an answer.
Love is when you can hate a person with your whole heart, and still be willing to give it to them if they asked. Love is when someone has torn your heart into bits, and you still love them with all the little pieces. It's when you can't live without that special person. It's when you'd rather than die than see your loved one sad. It's when your heart feels like it's going to burst open everytime you hear "I love you" from that one person....
Love is .....love...it's just love...

Hey. This is my life....

I lost the love of my life : Alex

to one of my best friends: April

and I am such a horrible person. I didn't deserve either of them

I betrayed their trust, and unintentionaly got in the middle of their relationship

I miss them both and apologize profusely.

Guys if your reading this then know that this is just the truth.

I'd also like to thank my two best friends: Ava (Adaya Nokudo)
and Kyra (xXxRisikaRainxXx)

You guys were there for me when I thought I was flying,
and caught me when I fell.

I don't know what will be happening, or if I ever get back on here again.

To all my friends: I'm sorry for leaving you....



edit: September 2, 2007...
The worst day of my life...the day that I heard from my sister, that Alex and April are both dead...

I killed them...I know I did..
It's all my fault

And I don't deserve to live...

Goodbye forever


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Report | 06/16/2010 11:03 pm


yay money!
Ryudo The Only Geohound

Report | 04/25/2010 2:44 am

Ryudo The Only Geohound

dear lexa

u must really hate my guts for what i did too u....
but if theirs ever a chance even a small one that we can be friends again
well i miss talking to u i lost a lot of friends in these past years an its taken a lot to gain a handful of them back...
well i guess u don't really care about that but theirs one thing..
i miss having u as a friend if u ever just let it be to yell, to scream, to say how much u hate me, how much u want me dead or to just say hi once.
i would enjoy that very much...
I'm not going to ask u to forgive me or ask for u back i don't deserve any of that u dont need any of that...
but i do want u to know that i do still think about u even after all these years...
i want to be friends i want to talk with u at least one last time...
plz think about it if u ever get to see this message.....
i'll be hear an there everywhere

thank you for reading this lexa i hope to hear from u one day...!

Report | 03/25/2010 1:14 am



i want your love
and i want your revenge
i want your love
i dont want to be friends
Ryudo The Only Geohound

Report | 05/08/2009 6:00 pm

Ryudo The Only Geohound

hey lex wats up havent talked to u in a looonnnngggg time wats up?
ya jus starting to comeonline again so hows life?

Report | 05/10/2008 10:34 pm


fnggoihnkouijk .........................btich
i I3ite

Report | 02/14/2008 10:12 pm

i I3ite

User Image

User Image
Ryudo The Only Geohound

Report | 01/02/2008 7:44 pm

Ryudo The Only Geohound

with the new year things seem to be changing things are starting to go good i jus hope things get better!

if i could hear from u it would be alot better hopefully u deside to come online!>.
Ryudo The Only Geohound

Report | 12/26/2007 9:29 pm

Ryudo The Only Geohound

lex i love u this is most likely the last message u'll get from me......

i love u i wish i could be with u but the way i am u'd hate me u mostlikely hate me right now....

i hate my life i have nothing to live for anymore and i really mean nothing i did it to myself so i'll end it myself......

this suxs then way it all turned out......bye........

i allways loved u with all my heart and still do! we promised to be together 1 day but now i dont think it can happen cause of everything

i wish it could happen..........but i jus want u to know i never stoped loveing u.....
Ryudo The Only Geohound

Report | 11/16/2007 3:18 am

Ryudo The Only Geohound

lex there is really nothing to say to u i could tell u why i'm acting this way but i dont see the point its over for me that explains everything as for saying wat i did i didn't mean it that way as for the promise ring u gave me.....

damn it all to hell!!! i'd really like to talk to u but it cant happen now ask kyra she has the anwsers...
Adaya Nokudo

Report | 11/15/2007 6:54 pm

Adaya Nokudo

What the hell?!?!?! Why does this keep happening?!?! Lexa-DON'T!