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Audrey, Ree, Eighteen, Writer, Musical, Fun, Pothead

I love Life.


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Grim Reaper 430 Report | 11/24/2010 11:42 pm
Grim Reaper 430
Hey! Whats goin on!? Been a long time!
how bloody comical Report | 05/24/2010 1:58 am
how bloody comical
Hello, I'm going in a bit, so this is in reply to the PYP:

Ooh, I think you'd suit blonde, red looks really good on you though heart
My hair is naturally dark brown, but I dyed it black. I dunno, it used to go wavy and nice, but since I started dying it it's just turned dry and sticky-outty |:
I've also been GHD'ing it a lot recently, that might be what's ruined it as well ):

Did you move far away from where you were before? If so, that's not as fun, having to say goodbye to friends and such emo

And it's 10am here, I have a mock exam at half past (:
Seraphiinna Report | 04/24/2010 6:13 pm
Question..... Like Who are you?
When deleting all comments on my profile.... you where there with like a million posts.... o;
So I'm very curious who you are....
I haven't been on in like or Ever.
But anyways? who are you * gonk *
wonderTrae Report | 01/30/2010 6:36 pm
Hahahah, I'm glad that you missed us enough to pop back on for a spell.

I'm 19 now. 20 in May.
wonderTrae Report | 01/30/2010 11:32 am
I thought that you vanished in and out through periods of months.

Had no clue what was going dooowwnn Reeee.
Ghetto Forrest Report | 08/25/2009 4:41 am
Ghetto Forrest
Ahhh. I love Don't Fear The Reaper. biggrin
Captain Putzbeard Report | 08/21/2009 10:10 am
Captain Putzbeard
I don't like 'avin ter go on land.

Captain Putzbeard Report | 08/21/2009 6:04 am
Captain Putzbeard
Oh, I shall indeed!

Captain Putzbeard Report | 08/21/2009 6:01 am
Captain Putzbeard
I'll love ye too if it gets me plenty o' booty lovin'.

Captain Putzbeard Report | 08/21/2009 5:58 am
Captain Putzbeard
I be quite likeable.


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