I like when nouns are easy to read.
I like it when music has meaning behind lyrics.
I like it when politicians argue.
I like going into gas stations with dirty floors.
I like changing my name.
I like following the crowd.
I like breaking from the crowd.
I like vampire novels with substance.
I like writing things that only I understand.
I like creating things that give off meaning without trying.
I like to wear striped stockings in public.
I like the thought of singing in the shower.
I like sitting in the grass while it’s raining.
I like making people think I’m just like everyone else.
I like thinking that maybe I am just like everyone else.
I like hypocrites.
I don’t like going into stores alone.
I don’t like flat soda.
I don’t like people who depend on one thing too much.
I don’t like the thought of breaking bones.
I don’t like saints who pretend.
I don’t like people who constantly argue.
I don’t like when people prolong a fight.
I don’t like when I’m caught off guard by the toaster.
I don’t like the thought of smothering my face with makeup.
I’m good at fooling myself.
I’m good at fooling others.
I’m good at writing a few tragic lines and selling them as epic.
I’m good at confusing people.
I’m good at typing fast.
I’m not good at public ventures in my town.
I’m not good at making ‘about me’ sections.
I’m not good with photoshop or paintshop.
I’m not good with words when situations are tense.

I want you to like me.

Simplicity. Organic. Emotion. Creativity.

I’m different but I’m the same. I’m inconsistent and fickle. I want something to be left of me when I die.
There is no true me; I am what I want to be at all times, and that changes a lot.

Moving right along..
I love anime. Serve it hot, serve it cold, I utterly adore it and probably always will, until the day comes where I must pass it down to my children. I won't censor it either, because c'mon, you all know you knew what yaoi was a loooong time before your parents would approve (if they EVER would approve) Yaoi is an essential part of life, regardless of how it's pronounced. @_@ Hotboyloveftwplzkthx.

As if I haven't already proved this, I love yaoi. Yaoi anything, really. If I had to pick a certain kind, teenage boy and young adult. Or old adult. I guess it doesn't matter. o_o Twincest ftw. (yubisaki milk tea, yay!)

Harry Potter, please and thank you. -drools- @_@ <333
It might be over, but fanfiction and roleplaying lives on. Albus and Scorpius pleeeease. -keeps drooling- Oh please, she left the book open for all kinds of interpretations. :3 Leave me in peace with my fantasies. -twitches-

Ilovevampires. D: The mere thought of living forever is romantic, but add fangs and blood and it's simply orgasmic. Plus, the companionship of the damned is desirable as well. Anne Rice, I think, does the best when it comes to creating a world in which vampires can live and create relationships in. Buffy's pretty cool too. xD (which leads me to Charmed but I won't go into that >_> wink

I suppose, when describing myself, the word that comes closest to my sexuality would be Pansexual. I think that love comes in different ways, and gender is merely on the outside. You should be able to love someone despite what they have in their pants. o_O -cackles- So I can't explain it. D: Sorry.

When it comes to religion, I choose not to associate myself with the whole thing. It's too messy. I think that when we die, there's a plot of dirt and that's it. That doesn't make me an Atheist. I don't HAVE to be classified. There is no rule stating I must have a religion and follow into the whole classification system. NO. I won't. I refuse. No sirree, not for me. Religion is a bubble and I have stepped out. (Y) Thank you, and goodnight.

Music is great. I might list who I like..later..xD -lazy-

D: <3333333333

I'm 16! :D) and you can call me whatever you want. xD

Eeee. Nanu nanu!


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Shizu Eri VI

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Candy Ashtray

Jessica, yay! ^_^
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sugar cigarette

yessss, another greg fan~



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I know! Isn't it sexy?! XD

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Shyeah they are! Alucard is teh sex. Id oompha oompha that thing =D.

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Whoo! It's Andrea, hiya =D. Vampires are teh smex I must admit >w<.
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    Antzy is up to any nickname suggestions. She likes them all.
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Spazztastic Bread Toaster

i know for sure i did!


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