hi r a r 3 here!

about me:

17.california.senior[yays!graduation.woot!].loves to doodle.read.watch.listen to music.genres: all except metal and country.addicted to gaia but now kinda bored with it.

Ive been in gaia for over a year now. befriended lots of people but seemed to be forgotten coz ive been inactive lately. ive got addicted to gaia for the first 3 months but got bored with it since then.

I quested a lot of itmes but recently, i realized that since im gonna be in hiatus after graduation why cant i go for the ultimate quest?--->angelic halo. IT seems impossible but nothing is impossible if you put youre heart with it. Im a hardworking person and i know i can do with but not without you.

sO im seeking for some help for the ultimate quest: A halo.
any donations will be appreciated.


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gaians spills it out:
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r a r 3:
"it makes me
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all items inflated unreasonably. its just because of that effin *% thingy!

"haha yeah, what i think about it:

I think its ridiculous, i think the 2% thingy caused it, cause ever since its into play, the prices never stop...

I think gaia tried it to put the prices down, put it just backfired

and yes you can put this in your avi smile "edit[avi]: i guess he meant sig/pro

"I've been in Gaia for years.
And Ive come to learn that inflation will happen.
As an Exchanger, I have to wait some time to see if it deflates, so its hard.
But I get used to it later on.
About the 2% Thing?
That it's just terribly stupid that admins actually think
they'll stop inflation. LoL.

"its like a wild lion...uncontrollable.xD"

"its terrible. all items are inflating so fast.not good. not good.*dreams when will it end*"

" I think you just have to learn to live with it, it sucks yes, but it effects everyone, so its just something you gotta move with."

"its disappointing. my quest jut got harder.xD"

"it hurts.lol"

"Ah inflations are ok
If I want the item its bad if I have the item it's good so, yeah ;D"

" have no clue why I put a number. I was thinking [x] it hurts so bad.

excuse my mind lapse."


"I actually just got back sweatdrop I wasn't aware there was inflation. "

xXemo maniaticaXx

"right now im ok with it but if they keep putting more im going to get mad about it cuz is getting annoying already XD"

Radioactive Waste
"I think the inflation's okay."

"I'll say ok =P Sorry I forgot to respond first time xD"

I go By kiM
"Hmmm, in some ways i love the inflating prices and some ways I dont.
Like when you quest for something...inflation is horrible, but like when you have an item and it inflates, its good...fer you at least. "

Anal Beads
"It doesnt botherme
I dont exchange anymore."


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r a r 3 jOurnaL

pErsoNAL pubLic jOurNaL

wee!ill express my feelings her3!



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Oh no.. User Image

I'm sorry to hear that! I usually have a couple different windows open at the same time when I'm doing all that exchange crap.. one for the thread I'm currently in, one for marketplace to check prices, and one to double-check prices on the exchange. That type of thing happened to me wayyyyy back, and I've been extremely careful with trading ever since. User Image

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nobody i know.
No pocky for you

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No pocky for you


what do I win?

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Gotcha :]

At least you'll save some money going to community college first, pharmacy school must be pretty pricey @.@

I'm just taking a break from college, I'm like halfway through my junior year technically xP
le petit champignon

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le petit champignon

Thanks! The one on my profile's actually just my dream avatar, though. xD

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Oh boy @__@

You've brave for trying XD;; Half of how hard it is finding somebody that's selling one too x_x

Ahh, gotcha. So you're graduating soon then? Do you know where you're going to college already?

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What!? What happened?? User Image
le petit champignon

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le petit champignon

No problem. c:

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No prob! If/when I finish my quest, I'll definitely help you out on yours. Not too many people have the drive to actually get one of those things anymore. User Image


>>a r a r 3 quest |angelic halo o: <<

thanks donators