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Hi. Welcome to My profile. smile

I am an Australian who has emigrated from South Africa. I am studying Multimedia and I enjoy Basketball. I also cook a meal a week for the family.

I also enjoy watching movies, Lego dimensions, dancing at parties and singing karaoke on the rare occasion when I'm able to. I am very interested in animals and can watch hours of animal planet quite easily.

I'd like to point out that even though my avatar looks like it, I'm not a furry. Back when those items were affordable, I liked the look of the ears and nose on my avatar and haven't taken them off since.

There are also so many anime I like, it's kind of difficult for me to write them all down on my profile. I also enjoy watching the Marvel and DC movies which have come out in cinema. My favourite Marvel Character is Deadpool. But when it comes to my favourite super hero of all time ... I'm going to have to say The Mask. From Childhood, the mask was my all time favorite and still is. I think the mask from the animated show in particular could probably defeat any other superhero in existence because that's how the powerful he is. He could defeat even deadpool because their was a time when deadpool had no super powers and if the mask could travel to a time in the future in one of the episodes then he could go into the past to when Deadpool is absolutely powerless. It's because the mask is my favourite superhero that the movie "The son of the mask" is probably the one I dislike the most of all movies I've ever heard of or seen simply because I blame that movie for destroying an awesome piece of my childhood but despite it all...I still have my memories and I still think the mask is the best superhero of them all.

I used to play ZOMG before it was taken down. So happy it's back after what seems like years of waiting and hoping. I tend to go onto the forums now and then and prefer a forum called Heaven. I also like to update my profile and change the youtubes videos every now and then.

On one occasion on ZOMG I have been lucky enough to be part of what I'd like to call an Epic Crew. I've heard of a team of four going into the saw mill at Bass'ken Lake with only 4 members and coming out Alive. On 29 October 2011 Kyumin, kacie-is-dead and I Came out alive with only 3 members in the crew while it had been spawning for 4 members.

Nicknames I have been been called on ZOMG are Qwa, Qwan, Thun, Ri, Dragon and at one stage I was given the nickname Green.

If you decide to send me a message, please try not to talk about religion. If you really need to know I'm kinda christian but I also believe that there is no such thing as a false religion and am generally curious and eager to learn about other cultures. Be warned though...If you start telling me about about your culture and religion then it's very possible I'll start telling you about my culture sooner or later and if you don't want to know that then please don't start the topic. I know that there are some people who don't like christians for various reasons and I have no intention of starting any sort of argument about religion. If you don't like the christian religion but want to talk to to me then please avoid the topic of Religion so that we can get along.

Thank you for your understanding.

I hope you like my Profile smile

Autism Explained (Found this because I have high functioning autism)

Asperger's syndrome explained for children


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Unwritten - My Favorite Karaoke song


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Bendy and the ink Machine - sad story of bendy comic

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