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Lucy Quinn Fabray (more commonly known as Quinn) is a member of the McKinley High glee club, former president of the Celibacy Club and started off as captain of the Cheerios, but eventually left and became an ex-captain, at first because of her pregnancy. She came back at the beginning of Season Two, but left again in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle.

As head cheerleader, Quinn was known for her beauty and extreme popularity at William McKinley High School . In Season 1, Quinn had a one-night-stand with Puck and became pregnant with his child, though at the time she was dating Puck's friend Finn Hudson. She later gives birth to the baby girl in Journey, named Beth (by Puck), at the end of Season One. She then decides to put Beth up for adoption and Shelby (Rachel's biological mother) adopts Beth. At the beginning of Season Three Quinn had a new 'bad girl' look which involved "bad-girl" clothing that she has never worn before, pink hair, a tattoo of Ryan Seacrest, and an upside-down-cross pattern on a dress. However, after her daughter Beth's adoptive mother (Shelby) told her she did not want Beth to see her like this, Quinn went back to her old look and rejoined Glee. Later in the episode, she tells Puck that she wants to get full custody of Beth, even if it means re-dying her hair blonde and feeling that she is special.
When first introduced, Quinn was the ultimate snarky mean girl. Popular, beautiful, and a complete snob, and admired by every single boy in the school (not to mention everyone else), Quinn made certain that everyone around her knew who was top dog. She feels that being popular is the most important thing and as a cheerleader, she constantly went out of her way to demean those whom she didn't like, and was willing to do whatever she could to demonstrate her superiority. Furthermore, as president of the Celibacy Club, Quinn also revealed herself to be an extreme borderline Bible-thumper, preaching her faith at random periods. Aside from being cold and judgmental, Quinn was also extremely manipulative. She seemed to view anyone and everyone as a potential enemy or pawn to be used. Willing to lie and cheat, Quinn would do anything and everything she could to make sure that things worked out in her favor, no matter how they affected others. She went so far as to convince Finn that he was the father of her baby. Quinn is also very petty and easily angered by jealousy, and would do what she could to exact revenge. At home, meanwhile, Quinn played the role of "Daddy's Little Girl", always being as sweet and polite as possible, and doing everything she could to hide from her WASP parents all the 'sinful' things she might be doing. After discovering that she was pregnant, however, Quinn began her transformation, thanks, in large part, to the support from the Glee Club. Initially unwilling to trust them, she eventually discovers that they were more caring and understanding than her popular friends, particularly after she was kicked off the Cheerios and joined Glee. She soon began to enjoy her time with the Glee group more and more and eventually considers them friends. She even goes as far as to defend them from Sue, such as when their yearbook pages were pulled in Mattress. She admits to loving the glee club however her obsession with popularity almost forced her to leave glee in order to be with the Cheerios. Moreover, as she spends more time with glee and for the first time faces struggles of her own as when she finds herself a social outcast due to her pregnancy she begins to show her kinder side as evidences when she helped Mercedes cope with the social pressure of being thin. She also shows that she is able to become a good mother as she successfully, with Puck's help, babysits Kendra's three children and even gets them to take bath and go to sleep together. Finn and Quinn were both popular and members of the Celibacy Club and Glee Club. As two of the most popular kids in the school, they began dating sometime prior to the series start. Since the beginning, Quinn has had a habit of manipulating the sweet, but somewhat naive, Finn. During most of their relationship, whenever the pair of them began to get physically intimate, Quinn would abruptly stop and ask that they pray instead. Although Finn very much wanted to sleep with Quinn, she always refused due to her religious beliefs. Ironically, Quinn ended up having sex with Noah Puckerman when he got her drunk (with wine coolers) and seduced her, resulting in her becoming pregnant. Rather than admit to the truth, Quinn lied to Finn and claimed the baby was his, after Finn prematurely ejaculated in Quinn's hot tub. Under the false belief that Quinn is carrying his child, Finn has opted to stay with her and was attempting to become a good father. When Quinn got kicked out of her home by her family, Finn and his mother took her in. Their relationship officially ended when Finn finds out that Puck is the father. After that, they stopped talking altogether, but during "Journey to Regionals", they smile at each other, alluding that they are back on good terms. It is also shown that Quinn used to be the same type of person she regularly teases. Before eighth grade, she went by Lucy, was overweight, and a brunette. The other children called her Lucy Caboosey. Quinn took up ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading to help lose weight. When her father was transferred to Lima and got a raise, Quinn asked her father for a nose job, and then dyed her hair blonde, and asked her parents to refer to her by her middle name; Quinn. She still seems to enjoy bullying Rachel, but she does not seem to go out of her way to bully anyone else. In fact, she seems more empathic towards those who are bullied such as Sam, due to the fact she remembers vividly how it feels. She 

seems more intent on coming to terms with her prior life, and wants to rebuild herself. This has caused her to be reluctant to start a relationship with Sam, for fear for falling back into old habits regarding men. Quinn is also being forced to act more aggressive than before, due to her continued rivalry with Santana. Her personality has become slightly meaner after her transformation, but she is still seen to be much nicer than she originally was. Quinn looks up to Lauren because Quinn had to change the way she looked to get respect, while Lauren gets respect all on her own. In the last episode of Season 2, Quinn had a breakdown, crying that she just wanted someone to love her.

Between the summer of 11 and 12th grade, Quinn began to spend time with "The Skanks", dyed her hair hot pink, got a tattoo, and dated a 40 year old skateboard dude and quit New Directions. When Santana, Brittany and later Rachel talk to her about it, she explains that she's hated being "under pressure" and also revealing in an voiceover she is "never going back". However, in the last scene of The Purple Piano Project, she sadly watches from the shadows as the Glee Club perform. After seeing her daughter's picture in I Am Unicorn, however, Quinn begins to reform, vowing to try and regain full custody of Beth from Shelby.

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Hi Quinn!
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Eponine Berry Thenardier
Thank goodness! Your standing!
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Eponine Berry Thenardier
do you want me to help you with this Joe thingy santana is telling
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x-Fck it Yolo
Your pretty(:
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Girl I saw the way he was eyeing you.
Get it girll!
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Hey Fabray,
How are you and Joe?
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Quinn I really am sorry for you being in a wheelchair...
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Eponine Berry Thenardier
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Quinn im so sorry for your accident
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Cool Profile babe!


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