Full Name: Katherine (Keeley) Davis

Gender: Female

Age: 21

From the great city of London, well until she was shipped off to an all girls boarding school for long girls of high class. There, she was brainwashed off all rebellious thought, leaving only a prim and proper lady in the wild child's place. She's the daughter of a wealthy merchant class family, that dealt mostly in the satin trade, her father is a exceedingly wealthy man. Katherine, or Keeley as she's called by few others, grew up with a want for nothing, although she's always had a voracious love of books, to the point of obsession. After her school days, that was all that was left of the girl who used to dream of flying the sky.

Now she is, for her father's ship that was supposed to fly her directly to her aunt in Edinburgh, was lost on the winds, leaving her abandoned in a life boat with a bag full of books, and her best dress. She eventually made her way to the next major port, Cardiff, where she booked the rest of the journey herself with the money he'd sent with her to spend on the latest in Scottish fashion. Now she's on the Brass Barge, not quite sure when she'll ever make it to Edinburgh. Along the way she started sowing patches on to the crews clothes, then designing new ones out of what ever scraps she had, to keep her fine dress from being destroyed. She now does the sowing for the crew, making repairs to them or making entirely new ones if the old ones are too damaged.

Keeley is a prim and proper woman most of the time, often a tad stuffy, since she was trained to be a perfect upper class merchant's wife. Underneath the posh exterior, hidden deep with in, is a fire of curiosity that has never been extinguished.

Keeley is well known for her skills in sowing, part of her being a cloth merchants daughter, and learning from a young age to embroider and do general sowing. But besides that; She can spot a good quality Satin from a mile away, and has good knowledge of most other fabrics. She also can read instructions and follow them, an actual rare skill. She also knows how to bargain with even the most stubborn of traders.

Job: Seamstress for the crew.

Fighting Style/Weapons used: Fighting? Lady's don't fight.

Why you like being on an airship: Well since She has no other choice if she ever wishes to see either her aunt or her home city again. but deep down she likes the feel of the sky on her face, the new people, the new life.

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