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Name: Like It Ever Mattered
Age: 18
Rating: Epic
Fav. Music: Rock and Pop.
Fav. Bands: Linkin Park, Escape the Fate, Papa Roach, Paramore, Green Day, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance and the list continues...
Fav. Singers/Rappers: Idk... uhh Drake, Eminem, B.o.B., Will. I. Am., Bruno Mars, Tiao Cruz and the list continues...
Hobbies: Reading, Writting and Sports. (Soccer, Baseball and Sleeping if that counts)

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This is my journal i don't write in it like i used to I mostly use it for certain days. Feel free to comment...


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Mirai_Raine34 Report | 05/10/2011 1:28 pm
Hey do you like Rurouni Kenshin ---> If so then drop by the thread and join: Here is the link:

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Oreo Thief Report | 04/11/2011 7:56 am
Ok so.....You woke up one morning and saw me in your bed laying next to u what would u do?

1) Go back to sleep
2) Slap me
3) Cuss me out
4) Stop drinking so much. Damn!
5) Just tell me to leave
6) Climb on top of me and cuddle
7) ******** me
8 ) Make me breakfast
9) Ask me my name
10) Call the cops
11) Other (Please specify)
12) kiss me
13) say good morning
pm me your answer
lol please reply. Then send to your other friends and
see how many and which answers you get,
see how many people want you in their bed...
you might be surprised by the answers you get
FallingRox Report | 04/07/2011 7:12 am
Hey, nice vids!
Herr Kaiser Report | 12/24/2010 3:16 am
Yes, sah.
Sly-Averess-Slytherin Report | 12/14/2010 2:06 pm
yeah haha well its good to know >.<
Sly-Averess-Slytherin Report | 12/13/2010 7:32 pm
no i couldnt have to be honest sweatdrop
Sly-Averess-Slytherin Report | 12/03/2010 10:08 pm
im one of ur best friends?
STAxB Report | 09/10/2010 8:46 pm
I been great if I say so Myself. =D How have you been?
Cara the Sweet Report | 07/07/2010 2:08 pm
Happy B-day.
Y3SCA Report | 06/20/2010 8:46 pm
you rang...jk

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