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My Myan Zodiac Reading:
KAN (snake) - Kan signifies the plumed serpent and justice. It is a powerful day. It is a violent day. It is a day which bites like a snake. Those born on this day are strong and sagacious, for having been conceived on Noj, and they are influential both for good and evil. They are just and sincere. They are curers and know many arts. They are wealthy and propertied. They don't get sick much. Defects: they are bilious, angry, and jealous. (ADEP)
When there appears on the horizon the clarity and heat of Kan, the Quq kumatz forms a bridge between the earth and sky and indicates the existence of the Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth.* Those born on this day are usually angry. If trained to be Aj quij (priest-shamans) they are the ones called to be authorities, good instruments of justice, healers and they can become Aj quij. Rituals are done on this day to ask for justice, wisdom, strength, equality and to avoid disequilibrium with Mother Nature. (CCAM).
*In K'ekchi Mayan the words for 'snake' and 'rainbow' are the same. His spirit is fire. His destiny is evil. A killer. (CB) Those born on this day are very strong and furious, they bite through, they are decisive, they can become Mayan priests. (RA)
A person whose birthday is Kan will be a strong, powerful, evil person; the higher the number the more extreme the character. Also, since Kan is one of the ten days that gives the child body lightning, he or she should tame and direct his or her power by becoming a priest-shaman. (TE)
The Person Born on the Day of KAN was Conceived on the Day of NOJ. Meaning: Tribunal, law, Work, Formation, Peace, Predestined to the Divine Power, Regent of the Sky. Nawal: SERPENT Positive Influences: Intensely Sincere and Honest, Gifted as a Judge or Authority, Likes to Test People. Negative Influences: Jealous, Dislikes to Cooperate, Impersonator, Quack Doctor. (RI)
Whole-hearted, earnest, intense, idealistic, intuitive, off on own tangent, susceptible, (mentally unbalanced). (BM) Famous people born on 6 Kan = Doris Day, Luciano Pavarotti, Charlie Sheen, Booth Tarkington
6 Kan next occurs on 8/28/2012 Get Your Own Reading Here
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