Hello people of the interwebz! I love chocolate! I'm very random. DID I MENTION I LIKE CHOCOLATE. and REDVINES :3
REPO! The Genetic Opera
My friends
My pets
TREES! ( ilove taking pictures of them )
i love LOTS of movies!!!
I love Anime
I love READING fanfiction, i do not believe i am very good at FF-ing :/
i am not vey good at RPing either.

lots of things inspire me to make videos and junk soooo... here's the link to my Tumblr account that i will soon start posting videos on :3
i just like to hang with mah people if i dont hang with mah pplz i get bored and me bored is not a good thing. i throw oranges at trees till they just burst open . then the trees have pulpy junk all over it.
this is my profile!
don't like it?
then i wont care for you. GO HUMP A TREE
I SAID GOOD DAY! blaugh xp heart whee rofl 4laugh mrgreen lol